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The Cahoon sisters, in living color

Pamela Ebert, left, and BVHS President Cathy Flament, right, examine the life size cut-outs of the colorized Cahoon sisters. Photo by Denny Wendell

When the Covid-19 pandemic caused the temporary closure of Rose Hill Museum in Bay Village’s Cahoon Park, Bay Village Historical President, Cathy Flament, and her staff were given the opportunity to undertake some in-house projects. One of these projects involved the artistic talents of Bay Village resident, Pamela Ebert, who has generously shared her talent with numerous civic organizations.

Several years ago she was commissioned to re-create a charming coloring book featuring numerous historical homes and public buildings in Bay Village.

Last year, Pamela was charged with infusing new life into four cardboard cutouts of the Cahoon sisters. Over the years these cutouts had faded and disintegrated to the point that replacing them seemed the best solution. With the help of a local carpenter and Pamela’s husband, Gary, new plywood silhouettes were created and then handed over to Pamela for painting.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 11:15 AM, 04.06.2021

Porter Library distributing COVID home tests

Westlake Porter Public Library is distributing BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Tests through its drive-up window. Those unable to pick up a test during regular library hours may contact the library to arrange for a test kit to be left in an after-hours locker. WPPL also has RTA passes to hand out to anyone who needs one to get to a vaccination appointment.

Anyone seeking a test who is feeling sick or showing COVID symptoms should send someone else to pick up a test for them. Users must have a smartphone and a computer with a webcam and internet access to administer the at-home test.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:38 AM, 04.06.2021

Bay Village Green Team to host expert in green burials

On Monday, May 10, the Bay Village Green Team will hold their quarterly meeting and will be showcasing a speaker, Chad McGreevey, to discuss what a “green” burial is and what it means when you choose one. Chad is a member of the Green Burial Council and is an owner of Zeis-McGreevey Funeral Home in Lakewood and Berry-McGreevey Funeral Home in Westlake. This will be a virtual meeting, starting at 6:30 p.m. For a link please visit our Facebook page or visit our website and join our email mailing list to be emailed a link:

I know this isn’t the most pleasant topic, however it is an important one to think about and discuss with your loved ones, as we know the only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:32 AM, 04.06.2021

Kitten season is foster season

Nancy Brian fostered these orphaned kittens, spurring her interest in fostering other animals in need. Photo by Nancy Brian

Bay Village resident Nancy Brian moved here about 16 years ago to be near her children and grandchildren. The children and grandchildren moved away, but Nancy stayed. About eight years ago, she saw a posting online seeking help with a litter of tiny kittens. A nursing momcat had been hit by a car. Knowing there were kittens, the rescuer searched for them and found a litter of four kittens two to three weeks old in an adjacent field. The orphaned kittens needed to be bottle fed, and the poster just couldn’t keep up.  

Bottle feeding kittens is onerous; little kittens may need to be fed every two hours. Kittens younger than three weeks cannot even eliminate waste on their own. Because it is so difficult to successfully care for baby kittens, experts advocate against disturbing kittens you may come across outdoors unless it is absolutely necessary – unless the kittens are in immediate danger or you know, as in this case, that they are orphaned.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:31 AM, 04.06.2021

Tribe 2021: Its not in the cards

“Hi pal, what can I do for you?”

“Your sign outside says you buy, trade, and sell baseball cards.”

“That’s correct, friend. What cards are you looking for?”

“Well, I really want a Francisco Lindor card and …”

“I have to be honest with you, big guy. You’re buying Lindor cards when the guy is at his absolute peak. It will take quite a bit to pry a Lindor card out of my hands. He’s a sound investment.”

“Yeah, tell that to the Dolans.”


“The Dolans: Larry and Paul. They own the Indians.”

“Oh yeah, I remember now. They are the reason I stopped following the Indians – what’s it been – years ago?”

“Yeah, that’s about right. Feels longer, though.”

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:36 AM, 04.06.2021

Bay Village Board of Education appoints treasurer

Bay Village Schools' new treasurer, Meghan Rohde, standing at podium, introduces herself at a recent Bay Village Board of Education meeting as Board of Education President Lisa Priemer, left, looks on.

During its March 13, 2021, Special Board Meeting, the Bay Village Board of Education voted unanimously to appoint Meghan Rohde as Bay Village Schools’ next treasurer. Her start date with Bay Village Schools is April 26.

Rohde is currently the Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer for Clyde-Green Springs Exempted Village School District – located in southeastern Sandusky and northern Seneca counties – a position she has held since 2016. Prior to this role, the Castalia, Ohio, native served as a Senior Internal Auditor for PNC Bank in Cleveland and Standard Register Company in Dayton.

During her career, Rohde was recognized with the 2018 Emerging Leaders Scholarship Award from the Ohio Association of School Business Officials, and has also received an Ohio Auditor of State Award with her current school district. She is a graduate of Wright State University (B.S. in Accounting and Finance), Ohio University (MBA) and completed her School Treasurer Licensure coursework with University of Phoenix. Rohde is an active member of the Ohio Association of School Business Officials and enjoys running, reading and biking with her family.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:37 AM, 04.06.2021

Eileen Dorsey and the Westlake-Bay Village Rotary Art Festival

Award-winning artist Eileen Dorsey returns to her roots as the featured artist at the Westlake-Bay Village Rotary Art Festival this July. All look forward to her visit from The Studio inside 78th Street Studios in Gordon Square.

Dorsey is known for her oil landscape paintings. Capturing both local landscapes and fantasy scenes in vibrant hues, Eileen Dorsey paints meditative forests of light and color. Dorsey expresses the energy of the places she visits through impressionistic or expressionistic marks. Emphasizing our connection to nature as a healing and rejuvenating experience, Dorsey’s paintings transcend reality to achieve an emotional impact.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:39 AM, 04.06.2021

Let's build a library!

Bay Village Branch Library staff members shovel ceremonial dirt during the groundbreaking ceremony on March 24. From left, Jessica Breslin, Anna Svigelj, Barbara Isaacs and Kathy Kocar. Photo by Denny Wendell

After what seemed like an interminably long wait, construction on the new Bay Village branch library building officially kicked off with a ceremonial groundbreaking on March 24. The event featured remarks from Cuyahoga County Public Library Executive Director Tracy Strobel, CCPL board president Bill Leonard and Bay Village Mayor Paul Koomar.

The project, which has been in the works since early 2017, was delayed several times – most recently by the coronavirus pandemic. The new building was almost scrapped entirely in 2018, after residents voiced displeasure with the proposed design. Following a renewed commitment to the project from city officials, CCPL hired a new architecture firm that focused on the history and culture of Bay Village and its existing architectural styles to create a facade that better fit the city.

The redesigned building also comes with a bigger price tag –  CCPL’s construction budget for the new, 17,000-square-foot branch is $9.2 million, up from an estimated $7.5 million at the start of the process. That figure includes nearly $500,000 in private donations for what Strobel termed the “special wish-list items ... that help make a library unique to its community.” Donors included the Bay Village Foundation, Friends of the Bay Village Library, Bay Kiwanis and a number of Bay Village residents.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 11:16 AM, 04.06.2021

Westshore Council of Governments (WCOG) Meeting, March 10, 2021

This report contains member observations and selected highlights of a meeting of the Westshore Council of Governments, and is not an official statement by the League of Women Voters, nor does it represent the official minutes of the meeting, which are prepared by Mayor Cooney's office.

Present: Mayors Cooney, Fairview Park, presiding; Koomar, Bay Village; George, Lakewood; Bobst, Rocky River.

The meeting was held in the Fairview Park Gemini Center. It was called to order at 9:46 a.m.

Fiscal Officer’s Report – Renee Mahoney: Special Agent Matt Vanyo has completed all exams and formally accepted the Westshore Enforcement Bureau's offer of the special agent position, to start June 1. Retiring Special Agent Jeff Capretto was planning on retiring May 1. It is yet to be determined if he will remain in his position through May, full or part time. Fiscal Officer Mahoney asked for the approval of the $84,500 annual salary for Special Agent Vanyo. Motion passed.

February financial reports: They are produced by a new financial system and Fiscal Officer Mahoney explained the differences in reporting from the old system. Three reports were presented: Summary, Revenue, and Expense. Mayor Bobst inquired about Westshore CERT's financial status. Mahoney will request a report from CERT. Finance report was approved.


RTA: Mayor Koomar was sworn in as RTA board member; he was briefed by former board president, Mayor Clough.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:36 AM, 04.06.2021

Bradley Park playground upgrade nearly complete

The Phase III install of the Bradley Park playground equipment has been completed. The City of Bay Village has some additional mulching and site prep to do which should be completed in the coming days, weather pending.

Special thanks to the citizens who contributed to the project, Recreation & Parks Director Dan Enovich and Service Director Jon Liskovec, along with everyone from the Service Department who worked on the project: AJ Goslin, Dan Campana, Bob McGrath, Bob Quarick, Drew Berry, Tom Caveney, Don Dorsett, Eric Bell and Dave Banjoff.  

By managing the installation “in-house,” the City was able to save substantial dollars.

Phase IV calls for a shade area, trees and landscaping, sitting areas and benches and a walkway to the park restrooms. The Recreation and Parks Committee is working with Kathryn Kerber, City Project Manager, on acquiring additional grant funding for the project completion. Enjoy!

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:37 AM, 04.06.2021

Spring safety tips for pets

It’s that time of year to pay extra attention to a few items that could impact your pets' safety now that nicer weather is here.

  • Ensure window screens and storm doors are safe and secure so no one can escape, and uninvited guests can't enter.
  • Check fencing and gates, make sure latches are working properly and consider a "close the gate" sign. Remind contractors to please close gates. Check electronic fencing and batteries. Never use generic or inexpensive batteries. Only use manufacturer suggested products.
  • Watch for flags where fertilizing and weed spraying has been done. Keep these and other chemicals alway from children and pets.
  • Check pet collars for wear and tear. Make sure tags are current and on a proper fitting collar. Replace broken retractable leashes with safer cloth or leather leashes. Replace tattered soft cloth leashes too.
  • Finally, be considerate of the neighborhood you walk your dogs and please pick up their waste and dispose of it in a city trash can or your own at home.

For additional pet suggestions please visit the Facebook page for The Friends of the Bay Village Kennel.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:35 AM, 04.06.2021

BAYarts' Reemergence

Even with the limits imposed by the pandemic, BAYarts staff has been busy planning for the year ahead. The theme, "Reemergence," is the mantra as new and traditional programming is again rolled out: classes, events, exhibitions and more. Following guidelines from Cleveland Metroparks and the CDC, the number one goal is safety. The second goal is fun.

Right now, classes are filling up and the galleries are filled with new works including the return of annual Ceramics Exhibition and Sale (May 16). In the works for this summer, the popular Thursday Market will return to evening hours with dozens of familiar and new vendors, local community groups and of course, plenty of friendly dogs. Chatty’s Pizzeria, the new café, will be expanding the patio for even more safe distancing and great family friendly fare.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:35 AM, 04.06.2021

'Westlake In Focus' series shines a light on quietly inspiring residents

Gloria Flint recently retired from the Westlake Community Services Department.

Please meet Gloria Flint. Age: 89. Life status: Newly retired.

It took a global pandemic. It took the whole world slowing down last spring for Gloria Flint to retire, at age 88, after working 20+ years for the city of Westlake and decades earlier in education and government. Anyone who has visited Westlake Community Services has likely met Gloria working at the busy reception desk. Known for her quick wit, distinctive accent and impeccable style – manicured nails, elegant white hair, an iPhone and a vanity plate on her car – Gloria exudes the vitality of a woman half her age.

As her beloved accent suggests, Gloria was born in New York City – the Bronx to be exact. After marrying and moving to Long Island, Gloria completed her bachelor’s in education from Queens College. From there, she taught elementary school in New York and Houston, while raising her four children. While in Texas, she earned her master’s degree in administration & supervision at the University of Houston. She later accepted a position with Houston’s Chapter 2 program, which oversaw public funding for private schools, eventually becoming its director.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:32 AM, 04.06.2021

Westlake firefighters Pat Grealis and Chris Fielding retire after 25 years

Patrick Grealis, pictured with Fire Chief Jim Hughes and Mayor Dennis Clough, retired from the Westlake Fire Department at the end of March.

The Westlake Fire Department celebrated the end of two 25-year careers in March. Firefighters Patrick Grealis and Chris Fielding in March both hung up their helmets for the last time as winter slowly transitioned into something resembling spring.

Both Fielding and Grealis became well known for their respective work ethic and dedication. Grealis was known, in particular, for his friendly demeanor and good sense of humor.

In addition to being presented a proclamation from Mayor Dennis Clough and an engraved plaque from Fire Chief Jim Hughes, Grealis also received a special token of appreciation from the Westlake Firefighters Local 1814 for his years representing local firefighters.

Fielding chose to retire quietly without a retirement ceremony.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:31 AM, 04.06.2021

Westlake Service Department wishes Al Umerley well in retirement

Al Umerley, pictured here working on an irrigation repair project on Crocker Road, retired from the Westlake Service Department on March 23. Photo by Chris Stuhm

The City of Westlake is sending Al Umerley best wishes in retirement after 20 years with the Westlake Service Department!

During a reception at the Westlake Service Center on March 23, Al shared some of the highlights of his two-decade career with the city. He noted how much he loved doing building maintenance work for the city and decorating City Hall for the holidays.

He also expressed how he always took pride in his work, even when assigned to less appealing tasks like collecting/sorting rubbish in his early days with the city.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:32 AM, 04.06.2021

Bay High School seniors move on to National Merit Finalist status

Thomas Beckwith, James Bish and Samuel Ferry

In October 2020, Bay Village Schools announced that 11 Bay High School students were recognized in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program (NMSP), including Semifinalists Thomas Beckwith, James Bish and Samuel Ferry. Bay High School Principal Jason Martin was recently notified by NMSP that these three Semifinalists have all advanced to Finalist standing in the 66th annual competition.

These academically talented high school seniors are now eligible for Merit Scholarship awards totaling more than $30 million to be awarded later this spring. These young men are three of only 15,000 Finalists of the more than 1.5 million NMSP entrants.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:43 AM, 04.06.2021

Spring cleaning for the highway

Springtime! A time of melting snow and ... emergence of tons of trash that had been hidden by that snow. Easy to fix on your lawn but have a look along the highways and byways. Horrible and disgusting! It's especially bad after this year of sequestration due to Covid-19. But we can help fix it. That's right, you and I can help!

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has an army of volunteers to help keep the highways clean through the Adopt-A-Highway program. I'd seen the adoption signs along the highways; I didn't think there were enough adoptions to make a difference until I read that, of the 396,000 bags of trash collected by ODOT in 2018, 16,455 were attributed to Adopt-A-Highway volunteers.

The Adopt-A-Highway program allows volunteers to adopt a two-mile section or interchange along a state, federal or interstate route. ODOT provides safety training, trash bags, disposable safety vests and two signs (stating who adopted the highway) to be used at the beginning of each side of adopted stretch. The only cost to the group is their time.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:35 AM, 04.06.2021

Practice Internet Street Smarts to protect yourself online

During our daily Google Meet session on April 1, I was telling my mom that I woke up to snow that morning. It reminded me of a late snowfall on March 30, 1987. It was sunny when I walked into the Richfield Coliseum for a Bon Jovi concert (yes, my son would say "Bon who?") and I came out to a snowy parking lot. God won April Fools' Day this year … he gets to have all the fun!

I do reminisce about the early-1990s digital world where computer viruses were more about pulling pranks than ill-gotten gains and racketeering. I often talk about Internet Street Smarts and how good "habits'' are important in minimizing the risk of being victimized on the internet, aka the cloud, while reaping the many benefits of the digital world. This is analogous to how we were practicing good habits in 2020 to thwart COVID-19 by staying home for non-essentials, physically distancing, and wearing a mask.

However, unlike the COVID-19 vaccine that will hopefully lead to herd immunity, there is no silver bullet against the nefarious actors of the digital world. Hence the importance of building good habits.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:31 AM, 04.06.2021

Bay Village groups share spring news and activities

The Bay Village Community Council met via Zoom on March 30. Annual elections were held and the following officers will begin their terms at the May meeting: Tara Wendell, president; Mary Kay Wilson, vice president; Peggy Ludwig, treasurer; and Beth Zellers, secretary. Community group representatives presented reports from their organizations: 

The next Bay Village Green Team meeting is Monday, May 10, 6:30-8 p.m. We will host green burials speaker Chad McGreevey to discuss what is involved with choosing a green burial in Ohio. The Green Team is hosting a Habitat for Humanity collection of gently used household goods, appliances and building materials on Saturday, April 24, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the parking lot of the Bay police station.

The League of Women Voters, Bay Village Chapter will host community forums at election time for each of the contested city offices. This year, our mayor and most city council positions are up for re-election. This is the year that our long-standing efforts to end gerrymandering go into high gear - after the census results are released, the state legislature will begin to re-draw congressional and state district lines to adjust to the new census figures. To that end, we will be offering educational programs about the new rules and a map-making contest so high school students and adults in Bay Village can get involved.

The Bay Village Kiwanis Club continues to assist with projects at Bay Arts, most recently restoring the stage platform and erecting a new canopy. We will be having a take-out spaghetti dinner on Saturday, May 8, 4-7 p.m. It will be at the Village Project. Tony Dostal’s spaghetti sauce will be for sale.  Dinner is $10 and includes salad, roll and a sweet. Orders will be taken online at Thirst Project Walk for Water will be on Saturday May 1, including the Bay High School Key Club and other Kiwanis-sponsored school groups.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:30 AM, 04.06.2021

Rebuilt Westshore home pays tribute to original iron works legacy

Current view of the southwest corner of the home, this view shows it is a Neoclassical block building form. Photo by Will Krause

On the cusp of the western cliff overlooking the Cleveland Yacht Club in Rocky River is a home that looks like it belongs in Boston or on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is built in the form of a Neoclassical block. A pillared portico with two levels faces the Rocky River and a simple classical façade with a Palladian window faces Frazier Drive. A plaque on a pillar near the front door tells part of the story of this home. It was designed by the architectural firm Scaries, Hirsch & Gavin. It is fitting that the brick pillars that frame the front entrance along the sidewalk support a wrought iron fence.

The plaque states that the home was originally constructed for the James Van Dorn family in 1906.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:35 AM, 04.06.2021

Answering your springtime wildlife questions

Credit: Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

Spring is a time when everything is growing and bursting into life. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and baby animals are starting to be seen.

As the weather warms and people spend more time outdoors, Lake Erie Nature & Science Center is here to answer your wildlife questions and concerns. Below, the Center’s wildlife experts answer some of the most common wildlife questions they receive from the public each spring.

I noticed a fawn alone in the grass. Is it abandoned?

Baby wildlife is rarely abandoned in nature. Mothers will often leave their young unattended for hours for a variety of reasons.

For instance, a fawn lying quietly by itself is perfectly normal. Deer do this to protect their young, as the presence of an adult would attract the attention of predators. If a fawn is walking around and making noise, it may be abandoned and in need of assistance.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:32 AM, 04.06.2021

Westlake Porter Public Library's early April calendar of events

Following is Westlake Porter Public Library’s early April 2021 calendar of events. All programs are subject to change. Please check or follow the library on Facebook and Twitter (@WestlakePorter) for the latest updates.

Wednesday, April 7 (6:30-8:30 p.m.) Horror Film Club: Online Edition – The Horror Film Club returns for another online viewing! New members are always welcome, but children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Please register. The Club will meet online using the video sharing site Watch2Gether. To participate, please check the event on the library’s website as early as 6 p.m. on the day of the program.  There will be a link to take you to the site. You do not need an account with Watch2Gether to participate.

Friday, April 9 (4-4:30 p.m.) Cup of Science (Live) – Join Miss Holly on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for a fun video on Stormy Science! Recommended for ages 4-6.

Saturday, April 10 (9 a.m.-6 p.m.) STEAM Maker Lab Supply Pick-Up – April is Financial Literacy Month! We’ll provide most of the supplies needed to make our own banks out of recycled materials and duct tape wallets. Kits available in the Youth Services Department. Grades 3-5. Registration for the pick-up also registers you for the April 17 STEAM Maker program on Zoom. Please provide an email address to receive Zoom instructions.

Saturday, April 10 (11-11:30 a.m.) Adapted Storytime (Live) – Join us for this Zoom storytime designed for children who may not be successful in a typical storytime. Content is geared toward ages 3-7 years. Registration begins April 3. Participants must provide an email address to receive Zoom instructions.

Sunday, April 11 (1-5 p.m.) Pet Day Craft Pick-Up – It’s National Pet Day! Stop by the Youth Services Department to pick up a craft kit that celebrates pets! Please register.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:37 AM, 04.06.2021

Caring for the less fortunate across the globe

We live in one of the most powerful nations on Earth, and it is easily forgettable that across the world 1 in 9 people are hungry and one billion people are still living without electricity. To those that live in an underdeveloped country, their thoughts consist of where their next meal will come from, or how far it is to get to a bathroom.

Living in a nation with so much influence on the rest of the world, we have a responsibility to help those that are impacted by global poverty. Especially from the secondary socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:30 AM, 04.06.2021

Celebrating Bayway Cabin

A framed photograph of the 1992 ribbon-cutting at Bayway Cabin hangs in the home of former mayor Tom Jelepis. The cabin was torn down to make room for the new Bay Village Branch Library.

While we celebrate the groundbreaking of a new addition of a library coming to Bay Village, we also celebrate the Bayway Cabin and the great impact it had on the youth of our community. Let’s strive to replicate this model since the children of Bay need it now more than ever. Great memories.

– Gary S. Sharp, Bay Village

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:38 AM, 04.06.2021

Knickerbocker donation drive a success

Some of the donations received

The Old Mother Hubbard's Cupboard donation event to replenish the kitchen supplies at the Knickerbocker Senior Center in Bay Village was a resounding success. I would like to say thank you to all the Bay Village residents and those from the surrounding communities; our four supporting churches: Bay United Methodist, Bay Presbyterian, Bethesda on the Bay and Christ Church Westshore Anglican; six Bay High School students: Cullen Gergye, Ashten Price, Brock Pickett, Kaden Ullom, Hayden Coffman and Jack Nageotte who unloaded all the drop-offs with a smile and a thank you; the mayor’s office and the Board of Trustees from Bay Interfaith Housing for helping make this event so successful. 

To say I am profoundly moved at the caring and generosity that was displayed is an understatement. On behalf of the staff and seniors at the Knickerbocker Senior Apartments and the Knickerbocker Senior Center, I again say thank you. Please know you have done your part and helped some wonderful people.

– Nancy Plain, Knickerbocker Senior Center Activities Director

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:35 AM, 04.06.2021

Sign up for 'Over 90 Birthday' proclamations in Westlake

Do you know someone who will be celebrating a birthday of 90 or older in 2021? If so, you can arrange for them to receive an Over 90 Birthday Proclamation from Mayor Dennis Clough. Call Cindi at Westlake Community Services at 440-899-3544 by April 16.

Many of the City of Westlake’s 90+ residents are already on a notification list for these special birthday certificates but we want to ensure we reach everyone who may be interested so we can help make their impressive milestone even more special!

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:32 AM, 04.06.2021

North Olmsted SITES students serve with Westlake Meals on Wheels

Nathan Wenger and Aiden Scruggs assist drivers with Meals on Wheels. 

Many non-profit organizations depend upon the time and service of volunteers. Westlake Meals on Wheels is no exception. The organization has benefited from the help of North Olmsted High School SITES students for several years. The SITES (Social Involvement Through Education and Service) program allows high school seniors to participate in service organizations in their community for five hours per week as part of their academic program.  

This semester, Westlake Meals on Wheels has had three SITES students assisting in the daily operations four days per week. Noah Cuevas, Nathan Wenger and Aiden Scruggs have been able to volunteer, even through the pandemic. They assist with meal preparation, packaging items for the recipients, and loading coolers for Meals on Wheels drivers as part of the curbside process implemented as a result of Covid-19.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:36 AM, 04.06.2021

The Herb Guild offers scholarship

The Herb Guild Garden Club is offering a one-time scholarship for 2021 available to graduating high school seniors as well as Lorain County Community College and Cuyahoga Community College current freshmen or sophomore students. Applicants must be residents of the state of Ohio and U.S. citizens. (International or foreign exchange students are not eligible).

Only students with a proposed academic study in Forestry, Botany, Horticulture, Environmental Science, Agriculture, Landscaping, or Culinary Arts are eligible for this scholarship.

Deadline to apply is April 6, 2021. For further information contact Mary Kay Filipiak at 440-926-2469.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 10:39 AM, 04.06.2021

Westlake entering new electric & gas aggregation program

As the current Electric Aggregation Program is set to end April 21, the City of Westlake has once again teamed up with Energy Harbor (formerly First Energy Solutions) to continue the city’s Electric Aggregation Program for Westlake residents and small Westlake commercial businesses (under 700,000 kWh annually) until April 2025. As members of the aggregation program, residents/businesses will pay a fixed rate of 4.77 cents per kWh.

All residents/businesses are automatically included in the program unless they specifically request to opt-out of the program by April 7, 2021, or if they have a private contract with an alternative supplier.

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Volume 13, Issue 7, Posted 11:38 AM, 04.02.2021

We need your help!

Since 2009 the Observer has strived to fulfill our founding mission – to strengthen our community by informing and engaging Westlake and Bay Village residents. 

Times are tough, and the pandemic has presented an added challenge at a time when emotional connection and togetherness matter so much. Please help us continue to provide a free medium where the community can share news, share stories and share laughs.

If you’d like to keep the Observer serving the community, please send a cash or check donation along with your name for recognition in a future edition of the Observer. Donations may also be made via credit card using the links in the left column of the website. All supporters will be recognized in a future edition of the Observer.

Please make checks payable to WBV Observer and mail to: 451 Queenswood Drive, Bay Village, OH 44140.

The Observer is an independent, community owned publication. Please note that charitable contributions are gratefully accepted but not tax-deductible. For questions about donating or more information on how to get involved, contact publishers Denny Wendell or Tara Wendell at 440-409-0114,

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Volume 12, Issue 8, Posted 12:43 PM, 04.21.2020