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Events for Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rachel Carson: A Heroine for All Seasons Pot Luck & Presentation Earth Day Celebration
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Join Case Western Reserve's Siegal Lifelong Learning and the YMCA Westlake for this important program and potluck lunch in honor of Earth Day

"Silent Spring" is one of the most consequential books in American history. Learn why its author, Rachel Carson, is a heroine for all seasons. Carson earned a reputation for her lyrical works celebrating the beauty, mystery, and healing power of nature. Then she risked it all by writing "Silent Spring" and challenging the 1960s establishment regarding the injudicious use of pesticides.Vilified but ultimately vindicated, her influence transcends the pesticide issue. Rachel Carson inspired the rise of the environmental movement and the passage of landmark laws. This lifelong learning program, is well-timed to coincide with Earth Day.

Free and open to the public. Please bring a dish to share. Registration required, 440-871-6885

West Shore Family YMCA
1575 Columbia Rd., Westlake