Aye, There's The Rub

God made man in his own perfect form,

Then for each critter established a norm.

And if you won't freely His powers admit,

Take the best of the animal kingdom, to wit:

An ant-eating mammal so legendary

That it always comes first in the dictionary;

A diaphanous fish with a touch like a tickle,

And the rough-coated fellow that once graced a nickel.

Yet before He reflected and found them good,

Made a beast with a trunk, and a snake with a hood;

An hombre that drinks without bending his knees,

And pokes his head from the tops of the trees.

And if He could make all these creatures so grand,

With harts in the highlands and heads in the sand;

A bald-headed scavenger riding a gale;

A four-legged hoofer escaped from a jail;

An impeccable bird that wears a tuxedo –

Why on earth did He make the ...

...the insect that brings epidermal sgraffito?
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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 8:10 PM, 10.02.2009