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Dover and Westlake High School Annuals

As the last days of summer wind down, I’m sure many of you have noted some of our local trees have already begun to change to the beautiful hues of fall. The sun is setting a little earlier each day and a new school year is already underway.

Before the City of Westlake was established, our area was part of a larger area known as Dover Township. This area included nearly all of what is today Westlake and Bay Village, and a few square miles of North Olmsted.

Education in Dover Township began around 1816, when Betsy Crocker began teaching in a one-room school house located near Lake Erie. In 1845, Mr. John Wilson began the private Dover Academy for those students who wished to study beyond the normal first through eighth grade public education.

In 1898, Dover High School opened in the old Academy building located about 50 feet north of the old Red Brick School – close to the Burneson Middle School parking lot.

In 1920, the students of Dover High School began to publish a school newspaper, known as the “Green and White.” Each year, the Junior Class published an annual, which at first was called “The Green and White Annual” or just “Annual.” In 1935, the name was changed by the staff to Panorama, which is defined by Webster as “a complete or entire view in every direction.”*

If you are interested in reviewing a display of Dover and Westlake High School Annuals (Yearbooks), they will be featured from 2-4 PM on October 11th at the Clague House Museum (1371 Clague Road). The display will begin with the 1924 edition of the Green and White Annual forward through the 1970’s. 

Those wishing to donate any yearbooks please contact the Westlake Historical Society at 440-471-4090 or visit them on the web at www.westlakeohiohistory.org.

* Taken from the book "You’ve Come A Long Way, Westlake…" by William M.  Robishaw

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