Be Not Alarmed

This world in which we live and work
Is daunting to get hold of —
For in each step in life doth lurk
A hazard we're not told of.

There are books on all the -ologies,
Tricks in all the -isms;
Your heart may pulse with steady beats,
Then switch to paroxysms.

No matter what you start, it seems,
You must tiptoe twixt the orifices;
And the firmest bases for our dreams
Are eternal metamorphoses.

Franz Kafka turned into a bug,
Ground wheat becomes a blintz,
There was a frog, from kiss and hug,
Emerged as charming prince.

Radiation is expressed in rems;
A whale has coughed up Jonah.
London Bridge no longer spans the Thames,
But stands in Arizona.

The Moon has now been walked upon,
Niagara Falls repaired.
So if all icebergs soon are gone,
Be not alarmed or scared.

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Volume 1, Issue 3, Posted 1:53 PM, 09.22.2009