Time slips through your fingers

When you see it, it usually lingers.

As you watch it slip away

Just beginning to ruin your day

You close your eyes and take a breath

Waiting to see what may come next.

You can feel the wind come up behind you

Hoping that it just won't find you.

You cannot take it anymore

Your feet just have to leave the floor.

Before you know it, you are running,

you may not see it

but whatever it is

it is coming.

You don't know what's so deep inside,

Your mind is like a butterfly

Trying to figure out

Where to go and what to do.

Will it stop? I don't think so.

The wind slows down,

and you begin to realize

 what you must do.

You must simply go back to where it all started.

How does it make you feel?

You keep wondering if it's all real!

After time will it go?

No one will ever know.

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Volume 1, Issue 5, Posted 6:52 PM, 10.20.2009