Emotional well-being

Transformation takes place when we are empowered, and put collaborative effort in accepting self, learning from our mistakes and communicating positive affirmation in our thoughts. Constantly enriching one’s emotional quotient along with intellectual and ethical quotient. Emotional well-being is making a commitment to self and God. As Mother Teresa said, “It’s not what you do, but how much love that you put into it that matters.” Love is the secret of lasting heritage. What gives true joy to emotional well-being is unconditional love. In this, human beings know only how to give and expect nothing in return. Emotional well-being is enhanced by giving service to others.

A holistic attitude brings passion and commitment, love and dedication, along with self worth and fulfillment. To accomplish this, we need to work on the self-referral attributes that are rising above the positive and negative experiences in life. Being in the natural state of being that is silence and listening to God. Knowing that pure consciousness cannot be destroyed; it can only be expressed. You possess the power to create and transform by believing in inner self and character. Meditation and self- introspection can promote emotional and spiritual well-being. We are more in tune with God and can purify our mind, body and spirit. Emotional well-being is the sum total of our habits. We cannot claim integrity unless we make it a habit to always be honest. The more we practice, the more progress we make in accomplishing a holistic attitude.

There are three dynamic energy transformations that work on emotional well-being: Knowledge energy, Action energy and Willpower energy. Knowledge energy in this context is our true purpose in life, working on self and taking initiative to improve relationships. Action energy is refining interpersonal communication, working on listening skills, and contributing for self and others in the environment. Willpower energy is the desire to improve emotional well-being by being intrinsically motivated, and creating a new pathway to living.

Emotional well-being is the art of living
Sitting back and reflecting what we need to be doing
No matter how much we suffer we keep on moving
In every situation being composed and keep on persevering
Having faith in God and creating new frontiers of living!
Reassuring self that better times will come along the way
By not wasting time in wearing labels and pretending
Inculcating good habits and being committed to persevering
Let us always do the right things and follow the ethical pathway!
Possessing a positive attitude and working on positive thinking
Assimilating good thoughts which are worth inculcating
Making healthy ethical choices and exploring ways of promoting universal well-being!  
Nursing the culture of improving relationships and creating joyful living
Healing our body, mind and spirit is the true essence of rejuvenating  
Our emotional well-being!

Nidhi Shah, Ph.D., MBA, is a Westlake resident and author of "Human Resource Development in Healthcare."

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Volume 1, Issue 8, Posted 12:54 PM, 11.23.2009