One senior's opinion

Living a balanced life makes sense to me. Good nutrition, regular exercise, intellectual stimulation, good friendships, and socialization contribute to achieving a balanced life. As we age, however, our ability to navigate life's many pathways lessens.  Aching joints, vision changes, and loss of stamina sometime make it difficult to get up and get moving. Just thinking about establishing a regular exercise routine can be intimidating. Some days, the thought of getting out among friends and neighbors seems impossible.

Many times, seniors need encouragement to pursue activities they used to enjoy. Being as active as possible is so important during our senior years, even if it requires pushing ourselves a little each day to do it. I believe striving for a more balanced life results in better mobility, better health, and a more optimistic outlook for senior citizens.

If you aren't certain how to get started putting more balance in your life, remember to do it slowly. Try fitting in some walking or light exercises daily. Read books or borrow audio tapes from the library on subjects that appeal to you. Eat healthier and try a few stress-reduction techniques. Invite others to join you in a game of cards or Scrabble, or just a cup of coffee. Know any shut-ins? Call and ask to visit. We can all do something for ourselves and others to help achieve a more balanced life during our senior years.

Dianne Borowski lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 7:59 PM, 12.23.2009