It’s a normal reaction parents have when the subject of alcohol or drug abuse is brought up. Unfortunately, studies indicate that over 50% of our youth experiment with chemical substances. 

  • Are you aware that alcohol kills 6½ times more teenagers than all other illicit drugs combined?
  • Did you know that local studies indicate that 12% of our 8th grade students have admitted to trying marijuana and that percent increases, significantly, as they enter high school? 
  • Do you know where adolescents get most of the medications to get high?

To find out more, please attend an informative and interactive alcohol and other drug abuse program that will be presented by parents who know… because they lived it. 

Join them along with an expert panel: St. Raphael School Assistant Principal Roger Andrachik, Middle School Principal Sean McAndrews, Bay High School Assistant Principal Jason Martin, Juvenile Detective Kevin Krolkowski, and Mike Matoney, the Executive Director at New Directions – a Cleveland area adolescent residential drug treatment center. 

Please Join:

NOT MY CHILD! Parent Drug Awareness and Education Program

 Thursday, October 22nd  @ 7PM - Bay Middle School

Wednesday, October 28th @ 7PM - St. Raphael School



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Volume 1, Issue 4, Posted 9:54 PM, 09.30.2009