Trust Only the Best

A friend of mine queried me some time ago                  
Concerning a subject he felt I should know.

"You own a vast number of volumes," he said,
"And also should have something there in your head.
You know all the mottos you've frequently quoted;
You recite many phrases on which you have doted.
You live by sung lyrics 'cause I've heard you croon 'em  --
So kindly come clean
And explain what they mean
When on coinage they're stamping: E PLURIBUS UNUM

I felt like a fool 'cause I had to confess,
That my answer at best could be only a guess.

I'm aware that each coin that departs from the mint
Bears that cute little phrase, but it gives me no hint
Of what that enigmatic mystery means;
And unless some bright linguist at once intervenes.
My hopes of learning forever shall vanish...
For alas and alack, I speak no word of Spanish,

So I guess that I'm forced into guessing, I guess.
A tough situation that begs for redress.
And though my response may engender disgust,
I believe it means simply: IN GOLD WE TRUST.

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Volume 2, Issue 16, Posted 4:52 PM, 08.01.2010