Of Community Interest: Thanks

Updating two good deeds with public thanks from many as we ongoingly enjoy them.

1) The air pollution that spanned years apparently has cleaned up its act. That merits and hereby gets a thank you—from one who speaks for many in the Knickerbocker / Dover Center area. And we never called it malicious. One high governmental figure thanked me for a letter that had thanked him—surname when he wants it. The note was rather brave and savvy and kind of him–and indicated that many had helped. Whatever. The text is somewhere. And I months ago mailed thanks to others, too.

2) The shortcut from The Knickerbocker Apartments to Dover Center Road. It gives safety and convenience, and churchgoers and shoppers love it. The Bay Village City Fathers & Mothers did well—and at least one man has thanked them, too, months ago for the work. And has thanked the Monro car-service station for generously donating the land—and Bay Hair Salon next door for moral support.

Jerry Howell lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 2, Issue 18, Posted 2:46 PM, 09.03.2010