Amnesty for illegal aliens

Immigration reform is a very heated topic these days. Arizona is probably taking an extreme course to remedy a problem that's plagued this country for decades, illegal aliens. The majority of illegal aliens, who are mostly of Latino descent, are hard-working individuals that take on jobs that most "homegrown" Americans won't take because it may require breaking a sweat and earning pay that doesn't equal the work performed.

The truth of the matter is that most Americans should be thankful for the jobs these people take on. They work in the agricultural industry which puts food on your plate, textile plants that put clothes on your back, construction sites that put a roof over your head, landscaping companies that make your yards look so pristine. 

There are dozens of other jobs that many Americans so demeaning to do that they would just rather sit and collect unemployment or welfare instead of taking on a little hard work. What is the motivation for these people that come into our country illegally? A better life. 

Granted, illegal aliens aren't paying taxes or health care and many other things by being unregistered in our country and this is not right. The punishment for them if caught is deportation, and their crime is wanting a better life. 

Our legal system is all too willing to make plea deals for criminals that have committed real crimes against the people of this country or amnesty to one criminal to give testimony about another criminal. White collar criminals are treated to minimal security prisons, I guess because subjecting them to hardcore criminals in maximum security prisons would be cruel and unusual punishment.  

We need legislation that gives all illegal aliens 90 days to come forward and admit their illegal residency and give them amnesty for doing so and put them on the road to becoming a legal citizen, and if they don't, then have them arrested and deported. So lets think about showing some compassion to the people who do some many things for the millions of us that we take for granted, and grant them AMNESTY.

Steve Novak lives in Westlake.

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Volume 2, Issue 16, Posted 8:18 PM, 08.04.2010