Reinventing the community resolution

Let us work together for a common goal and be dedicated as well as committed in promoting community service. Noble contribution of community service should be voluntary, full of enthusiasm, and energy. We need to be full of humility, temperance and honesty in our interactions with others both in words and body language.

Work for a common need and not greed in the community. Weave the fabric of collective social responsibility by adding value to the life of others we come in contact with. Making a difference in the community comes by setting a personal example in anything we are motivated to do. For instance when we make character ethics a part of our being and execute it in actions we empower others in the community. This creates a feeling of mutual harmony as well as rapport in our interaction. This eventually generates trust and long-term relationships. 

In a variety of ways we can help and support our community. One way is giving our valuable time in voluntary services such as hospitals, schools, libraries and other community services. Another technique is to provide food to people who cannot afford it. Spend money to educate children whose families do not have enough savings to support higher education. Provide shelter to people who do not have a place to stay in the community. Save a dollar every week and giving it back to the community. The money can be used for buying essential household items, educational items or personal items such as winter jackets. We can recycle items that can be reused by the members of our community. In other words, making optimum use of our resources.

We can provide professional services free of charge to the people who need support and a nudge in the right direction to come out of economic crisis. We can use our creative talent to making artistic things such as paintings and greeting cards and donating them to places such as senior living homes, non-profit agencies, etc. The money we save from coupons can be given to a needy member of our community.

Ultimately the choice is ours of how we want to work on the community resolution. The idea of strengthening our community with our consistent efforts is far more about wanting to do it, rather than being asked to do it. We need to think and reflect and see what is feasible for us to do.   

Contributions made by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi are good examples because they made an impact with their good deeds in the community. The community resolution starts from self by being proactive and taking the initiative and creating outcomes.

Reinventing the community resolution comes from giving the best version of self to the community, loving the deprived unconditionally, sharing our knowledge, skills and wisdom with our associates in the community, and above all positively living, learning and growing together by reconstructing and rebuilding a healthy community.

The fundamental inspiration for community connection should be the attitude of wanting to give more than what you expect the community to give you. This renewed hope can open the door of opportunities in the things we endeavor to do for community resolution.

Nidhi Shah lives in Westlake.

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Volume 2, Issue 1, Posted 8:49 AM, 01.07.2010