One Senior's Opinion: Bay's Fifth of July fireworks a welcome change

I don't remember watching fireworks on the Fifth of July before, but this year was different. In the past the Fourth of July meant toting folding chairs, blankets or, perhaps, a cooler filled with the makings for a picnic supper to wherever we decided to go.

Excited children in tow, we would search frantically for the best spot to watch the fireworks. Some years we would go to Edgewater Park, others would find us at Clague Park. When Great Northern Mall sponsored fireworks we would walk to the end of our street and sit in front of Baskin and Robbins to watch. When our children were teenagers my husband and I were on our own. Sometimes we would go as far as Berea to watch the fireworks. Mighty adventurers were we.

The last few years found us in front of our TV watching the big show from Washington, D.C., on PBS. An orchestra, singers and entertainers plus the fabulous light show, all from the comfort of our living room. It was great. No heat, humidity, no crowds, no parking problems but still it was not the same. Perhaps it was too comfortable or a little artificial to see fireworks on the tv screen. Of course, it was better than nothing. We are just getting too old to fight the crowds.

Monday night was a different story. With the Indians game on TV, I had settled in for a quiet evening. All of a sudden a burst of color lit up our window. Fireworks! I moved to the end of the couch when I realized we were being treated to our own private viewing of Bay's Independence Day celebration. One after another the colors burst open, lighting the sky in front of us. It was beautiful. Fingers of light seemed almost to touch our window. I have never been so up close to such a dazzling display. What a memorable experience.

Thanks to all who worked so hard to put on the fireworks display. Job well done. The best part, however, was I didn't have to leave home to enjoy it.

Dianne Borowski lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 2, Issue 14, Posted 5:34 PM, 07.07.2010