Spirituality comes from within

“I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.”

This statement, heard so often not only at Unity, but at churches and spiritual centers all over the world captures the feeling that millions of people have about their interior lives in this era in which we live.

Despite hyper-consumerism, massive shifts in social structures, economic and political despair, and a world which often appears to have gone entirely negative with uncertainty and fear, spirituality is as important to people as ever. It just has to make sense to them.

The ways they communicate this need vary but the longing is the same:  
"I’m yearning for connection."
"I want to find my inner voice."
"How do I link the spiritual path to everyday life?"
"I want to believe in something greater than myself that makes sense with the reality of science."

Every day, science, archaeology, medicine and scores of other disciplines reveal discoveries that are unsettling to the network of our beliefs and the comfort of our facts, yet regardless of discoveries, people continue the search for authentic spirituality. 

They want greater meaning, depth and connection in their everyday lives, and there is an ever-increasing sense that it comes through some sort of “spirituality.” We hear it over and over at Unity Spiritual Center, week after week, as people meander in from an astonishing variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds.                          

The more inauthentic the outer world of non-stop advertising and marketing becomes, the more people want authenticity in their inner world and connection with others who feel as they do. In the past twenty years, the exploration of spirituality and how to integrate it into our lives has become the norm among people, corporations and groups of every type, and found abundantly in books, magazines and entertainment. However, people are more sensitive than ever about what’s real and what’s marketing, especially when it comes to their spiritual lives. 

One of the paradigm shifts in the pursuit of spirituality is that people tend to believe that authentic spiritual experience must come from within a person, a natural outgrowth of their own work in personal growth. Outside influences can inspire and motivate but a person changes from within. That concept can be found far and wide among spiritual and even religious sources from books to websites to media. Another shift, also reflected in the world at large, is that people find this deeper spirituality manifesting in their lives in a vast variety of ways. 

While most people enjoy and celebrate holiday traditions at this time of year, finding solace and joy in the old and ancient, there is no doubt that as a new year unfolds, they will continue their search to enhance their spirituality.

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Volume 2, Issue 25, Posted 3:40 PM, 12.08.2010