We should all communicate, neighbor to neighbor

We are all neighbors, whether we live on the same street, in the same country or just live on the same planet. We all consider ourselves neighbors in one way or another.  In order to live in an orderly, healthy society we need to live along side one another, be respectful and courteous to the fellow next door.

We need to plan, discuss and imagine how we can make life better for us now and for future generations. We often hear about a tragedy or crisis that causes people to come together to help one another. Watch any news report and you will see people of all colors, religions and backgrounds lending a helping hand when disaster occurs. That is neighbor helping neighbor.

Why not start a dialogue now with that next door neighbor. Ask questions. I have a feeling he would be eager to answer. He has probably wondered himself about finding out more about you and wished he had the courage to begin a conversation.

If you think that your neighbor is different than you, well think again, he is more like you than you know. We all want to pay our bills, make sure our children are happy and healthy and we want to live life peacefully. Why not take the time to smile, say hello, ask a question and begin a new friendship. You may be surprised how good it will feel.

Maybe in this lifetime all you have to give is time. Time is an important contribution and one that brings joy to others. Reach out to that friendly face next door. Stop, talk and listen to the people on your street. The first step in knowing more about your neighbors is to ask. Conversations can open up ideas, different outlooks and different ways of life. Be a good neighbor and who knows what enjoyment you can bring to that fellow citizen who would welcome that unexpected conversation?

Can you imagine how much better the world would be if every neighbor did this? Let us begin acting neighborly with one another and let us begin in our own neighborhood.

Begin a conversation today, neighbor to neighbor.

Robin Munoz lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 2, Issue 23, Posted 2:43 PM, 11.12.2010