Meditation, tuning forks and the good life!

It was a cool gray morning and the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance. The smell of ozone just before spring rain filled my senses made me beam. Instead of pulling weeds in my garden I decided to spend my Saturday afternoon in the company of local healers and friends.

I walked through the perennial garden’s meandering path and into the lovely new reception hall at the Westlake church known as Unity Spiritual Center. The center’s new addition was filled with music and laughter. I’d let my gardening duties slip in order to make it to the event called “Let your Spirit Soar.”

This community open house bustled with activities that focused on the many interests that this Unity church supports. I found workshops with guided meditations, book discussions about spiritual writers like Ekart Tolle, viewed a feature film by Wayne Dyer and met Reiki healers. I relaxed deeply with the really cool vibe at a live Tibetan singing bowls concert, and then sat down for a tune-up with a tuning fork healing practitioner. Before the day was over I’d made it out to the giant labyrinth on the grounds for a guided walking meditation.

It was remarkable to enter this innovative space and feel my personal energy increase. I was really drawn in by what I experienced with my friends at Unity. I realized that I’d spent the day getting to know myself a bit better, too. It is true that when I concentrated on the techniques of mindfulness my day relaxed and filled with joy. Life is good, all the time.

Julia Shutt lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 2, Issue 10, Posted 11:32 AM, 05.13.2010