People who made a difference: The Cahoon sisters

The Cahoon sisters (left-to-right): Lydia, Laura, Martha and Ida.

Lydia Elizabeth Cahoon

Born in Frederick, Md., in 1835 and died in 1917. Lydia was a school teacher in the Cleveland Public Schools. She often taught foreign students the love of country and the flag as one of the essentials of citizenship. After retiring from teaching, Lydia resided in Rose Hill and was instrumental in the building of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the corner of Bassett and Lake roads. She was a member of the Commodore Perry Chapter, Daughters of 1812. Lydia was a very tiny lady who loved to cook and was often in the kitchen. She never married.

Laura Ellen Cahoon

Born in 1841 and died in 1917. Laura was a school teacher in the Cleveland school system. She became a principal in Cleveland and at her death her pupils attended to pay respect. Everyone loved her. She had a bright, pleasant personality and a happy face. Laura never married.

Martha Washington Cahoon

Martha was born on George Washington’s birthday, Feb. 22, in 1844 and died in 1903. She was a school teacher. One of her first teaching jobs was in Toledo, Ohio. She journeyed to Toledo and boarded in a rooming house for the year. Her contract was by the year. At the end of that year, Martha came home to Bay Village and became a teacher in the Cleveland school system. She was also an artist and many of her paintings hang in Rose Hill. When she became ill, she retired to Rose Hill where she was nursed by her sisters for seven months until her death. Martha never married.

Ida Marie Cahoon

Born in 1852 and died in 1917. Ida was a school teacher in the Dover and Cleveland school systems. She was the President of the Bay Village Board of Education. She received her teaching certificate in 1871. Ida was very involved with the Episcopal Methodist Church in the village. The Cahoon Will was drawn up by the family in 1882. Stipulations of the Will were to keep the home, barn and grounds as a memorial park and museum which was given to the citizens of Bay Village as a gift with a $25,000 trust fund. Ida never married. 

Carole Roske is President of the Bay Village Historical Society.

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