Compeer treated to concert, works to bring Clubhouse to Westshore

On the evening of Sept. 14, Compeer was honored with a performance by the Blue Water Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra, under the direction of Carlton Woods, had a “Flute Trio” come to Far West Center to perform for Compeer members and volunteers. The music was both breathtaking and relaxing. This special concert was the perfect way for Compeer to start off its fall calendar of events!

The “Flute Trio” consisted of violinist Nancy Patterson, cellist Kent Collier and flutist Linda White. Together they played beautiful arrangements by various classical composers. These talented musicians also provided history on each instrument and “hands on” opportunities. 

The BWCO conductor, Carlton Woods, also attended. Mr. Woods had made this generous and supportive offer to Compeer and scheduled the performance. Compeer and Far West Center look forward to future performances by the Blue Water Chamber Orchestra.

Also this fall, Compeer and Far West Center began a “Clubhouse Project Team.” The Team will be working on steps to bring a Nationally Accredited Clubhouse Program for adult consumers of mental health services to western Cuyahoga County!

The Clubhouse would provide numerous opportunities for adults in recovery to learn holistic health, skill building, and vocational transitions. A Clubhouse would also provide a way to reduce isolation and depression that often occur from managing a mental illness. Ways of volunteering and giving back to the community will also be facilitated.

In a Clubhouse model there is no better way to encourage and support recovery than to help people focus on their abilities. Compeer and Far West Center would like to make this happen for adults on the west side of Cuyahoga County.  Presently there are Magnolia Clubhouse in University Circle and the new Exchange Center going up in Cleveland. Both are great examples of the Clubhouse model. For more information about them please visit and

The Clubhouse Project Team invites all interested community members and community leaders to join us! If you would like to help our Clubhouse find a home and come to life, please contact Denise or Jody at 440-835-6212, ext. 242, or Bob Piovarchy at ext. 265.

Mental illness is a physical illness related to the brain chemistry of the many chemical transmitters that operate each person’s brain. A person is much, much more than just someone diagnosed with an illness. All of us have abilities, skills, hopes, dreams, and goals. All of us look for meaningful activity in our lives. Compeer and the Far West Center ask that you look at “ability” and not limit your focus on “disability.” Please help Compeer and Far West Center in helping adults work toward the potential of their abilities. Let us work together to provide a bright future for those that need support.

Denise Ayres is the Compeer Program Coordinator.

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Volume 2, Issue 22, Posted 2:31 PM, 10.15.2010