Compeer Program at Far West Center offers health, friendship and fun

Mind, body and spirit are inseparable. A change in one causes a change in the other two. We all strive to balance an optimistic state of mind, good physical health and continued motivation. Research studies consistently show that supportive relationships and our friendships help us to keep this balance. The Compeer Program and its valuable volunteers are helping men and women in recovery from mental illness to re-balance their lives.

What if, in a little of your free time, you could help others and have fun doing it? Compeer volunteering can offer you that opportunity. Compeer volunteers provide emotional support on a one-to-one basis by making phone calls and arranging visits with adults that are trying to regain optimism and motivation. In addition to that, members and volunteers have many opportunities to enjoy the activities offered in the Compeer Quarterly Calendar of Events.

Compeer Events are scheduled and facilitated by the Compeer Program staff. Each month of the Compeer Calendar offers a variety of activities that are interesting, entertaining and fun. Compeer has a monthly Coffee Night, at which many of us select milkshakes. Compeer holds a monthly Game Night which usually results in a lot of laughter and smiles. Members, staff and volunteers bowl every other Thursday at Bay Lanes. Then there are special events, like a performance by the Blue Water Chamber Orchestra, which will be in our next Observer article!

The Compeer Program tries to provide opportunities for members and volunteers to explore new interests or enjoy continued interests in a friendly, social setting. This spring Compeer started our Garden Club with the help of the North Union Farmers Market at Crocker Park, Bay Village Green Team, and Cahoon Nursery. Coming in this fourth quarter of 2010 Compeer looks forward to Internet training at Westlake Porter Public Library, going apple picking and trips to nature centers and museums.

“Lean on me when you’re not strong. I’ll be the one to help you carry on,” is a lyric in “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. It is a powerful song with a joyful sounding melody. The song’s lyrics describe the healing power of friendship. The music reflects the joyful feeling that friendship brings. In our Compeer Program, healing and joy is what we aim to bring to the balance of mind, body, and spirit. It can give this balance to volunteers as well as the members.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Compeer Program at Far West Center please call 440-835-6212, ext. 242. You can also e-mail your interest or questions to:

Denise Ayres is the Compeer Program Coordinator.

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Volume 2, Issue 19, Posted 11:35 AM, 09.17.2010