The benefits of self-esteem and methods to achieve it

True self-esteem has little to do with the way you look, what you own or the impression you make on others. It springs from the center of your being and from the impression you make on yourself. Self-esteem is your perception of worth. This self-image is a combination of your values, skills, interests and personality, as well as upbringing.

Negative self-esteem makes us demotivated and helpless, while positive self-esteem uplifts you and has a direct impact on how optimistic you feel and how confidently you can face life’s hurdles. Confident human beings build self-esteem by remembering how valuable they are and applying self-esteem in real-life situations. They generate confidence and support others for a noble cause. The less-confident people hesitate to ask for anything since they feel they are not worth it.

Expedite value quotient by consistent practice. Find your values and use them to enrich your workplace and home environment. Incorporating your values will enable you to accomplish the results faster. The best thing is that nobody can snatch your values and self-esteem from you. You are in charge and accountable at all times. All it takes is your courage, especially empowerment, to do it.

Never say “fail” or “impossible.” Many of us tell ourselves we failed when we mess up, women and men with confidence do not even have the words failure or impossible in their vocabularies. They use words like setback, glitch, bungle or learning experience and view their mistakes merely as lessons to help them avoid future errors.  

Give yourself more credit. Since it is considered bad to brag in front of others, many of us habitually refuse to congratulate ourselves even when we are alone. Personal effectiveness means we will privately praise ourselves for a job well done. This enhances self-esteem.  

Tell yourself how confident you are since it will enhance your self-esteem. In a self-improvement campaign, we repeat statements in the present tense and frequently begin with “I am.” “I am more confident and positive. I am breaking old patterns and moving forward with my life. I am glad to be me." It's about making positive affirmations and taking correct actions. 

Object-referral people believe more in others and less in self, are influenced by circumstances and have poor self-esteem. Self-referral people take charge of their destiny and believe more in self, make circumstances favorable and possess high self–esteem. They trust their ability to learn self-esteem. Believing you can do it and constant willpower will make you confident to do the job in a competent manner.

Self-esteem is self-transformation and can heal your body mind and spirit by working on your thoughts and actions. For this it is essential to make self-esteem a habit and feel good about yourself. Take adverse events in your life as a learning experience. When fear prevails there is darkness all around. Self-esteem is the true light of your inner being and the values you believe. This resource we must use at all times since we become mentally stable and resilient to face challenges and pressures in life. Self-esteem brings a new hope and opens the door to new opportunities in life.

Nidhi Shah is a management consultant and lives in Westlake.

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Volume 2, Issue 19, Posted 11:56 AM, 09.17.2010