Job resources for today’s economy

With 10.8 percent of our neighbors in Cuyahoga County unemployed, it has been my continuing priority to attract, create, and retain jobs for our community. Despite the efforts of the Ohio House of Representatives, Ohio is still suffering double-digit unemployment and a loss of businesses from our borders.

Luckily, the legislature has ample opportunities to turn the economy around by enacting common-sense reforms to the way Ohio does business. With all 10 bills of the “Future of Ohio” jobs package now introduced, an effort that I led as ranking member of the Economic Development Committee together with my other hardworking colleagues, we now have a chance to have a pragmatic discussion about how to fix the economy.

Although the process of improving Ohio’s business climate and creating jobs will not be easy, I believe that our “Future of Ohio” bills have the potential to serve as the catalyst the state needs. From small business regulatory reforms to targeted tax credits, these bills will keep small business growth and expansion within our state.

I also know that you may need assistance immediately if you or someone you know has lost a job. As the Ohio House works to boost the economy, I’d like to remind you of some of the local resources that are available to you as you seek your next career.

There are several One-Stop Career Centers in our area that offer free workshops and information regarding resume writing, interview tips, access to higher education and local job opportunities. For example, the Employment Connection has 10 branch offices in the Cleveland area that aim to help job seekers improve their skills by offering job search and job readiness assistance, information about high-demand careers and education services. To learn more about all the services the Employment Connection has to offer, you may call the Westshore office at 216-939-2599 or visit to find other locations.

To help qualified individuals gain hands-on job training and education, the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council offers training programs in nearly 200 occupations, including information technology, construction and health care. The skills you obtain during your apprenticeship will help make you more marketable for future employment, while receiving decent wages and quality instruction. For more information about the apprenticeship program in our area, please call Barb Hobart at 440-541-4280. You may also visit the ODJFS web site at

Another useful resource is your local library. Many of our district libraries offer information on enhancing job skills and offer workshops and computer training. If you have any questions about our local libraries or any of these other resources, I encourage you to contact my office. I am committed to doing all I can to help create jobs for our community, as well as help you find your next rewarding career. As I continue to say, “It’s all about jobs!”

Nan Baker is the State Representative for Ohio's 16th District and lives in Westlake.

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Volume 2, Issue 6, Posted 1:36 PM, 03.18.2010