Bay animals should not be forgotten

The 2010 Bay Village budget process will be coming to closure at the end of March. There is not much time left for residents to make a difference in the direction the city could be headed.
There are Bay Village city councilmen that do not understand nor have attempted to grasp the importance of an animal care and control officer. Their lack of understanding potentially raises significant safety issues for our animals and Bay residents.
Of the approximate 14,000-plus residents in Bay, it is estimated that at least half of those probably have two or more domesticated pets.
Some of us have been stopped by a police officer for questionable judgment or not abiding by the law. An animal control officer performs the same function – enforcing the laws that have been put in place to protect people and animals. It's not pleasant getting a warning or a violation from either.
If you have been reading the Bay Village Finance Committee Meeting Minutes, The Vehicle Replacement, the bond debt and projected end of the year fund balances – public record documents available to all residents – it is obvious that the city is facing financial challenges. I feel that an animal control officer and an upgraded kennel are essential services.
Let's keep the safety and success of our animals and families in Bay a priority.

Bay Village has an animal control officer that does NOT euthanize to just make room or because an animal hisses, sneezes or eliminates in their cage. If one must be euthanized, it is humanely and respectfully.  This is not necessarily the case in our neighboring communities.
Residents have consistently proven that we can support most of the kennel activities with donations and networking. Local builders have stepped forward to offer materials and time to upgrade the kennel (no plans have been approved yet). Grant information has been suggested and forwarded to the administration to act on, too.

Please help the animals in Bay Village NOW – ask your elected officials to keep a place in the city budget for our animals. Attend a city council meeting and get on the record. If you can't do that, please email your opinion and/or suggestions to Joan Kemper, Clerk of Council, at and ask her to read your letter into the council minutes.
I thank you in advance for your efforts to insure that due diligence and good stewardship of our tax dollars are in place.

Nancy Brown lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, Posted 11:10 AM, 02.20.2010