Monday morning political quarterbacks

It's wonderful to see the people of this country sit back and profess their displeasure over the job that President Obama has done in his one year in office. I don't believe he said he had a magic wand and was going to make everything better overnight. Most of what has occurred in the current economy has been building over several years and if you know anything about economics you would know that unemployment will continue to go up even after the economy has stabilized. 

As far as health care goes, the majority of Americans that voted President Obama into office agreed with his health care overhaul during his campaign. Now, on the right we have a whiny Republican Party that got their collective butts handed to them during that same election and are in such a tizzy over it that they will oppose anything President Obama wants to do just to spite him and what ultimately will be for the good for our country.

I am sure that the late Honorable Senator Ted Kennedy is turning over in his grave at the disservice the people of Massachusetts did to his legacy by voting a Republican to his seat. Thanks, Massachusetts: He only gave you blood, sweat and tears for 40 years just so you could shoot down his lifetime goal to make sure every American could afford decent health care.

So, in conclusion, sit back and cluck your tongues a little bit more and then look into to the mirror and see if you think that someone with such an important job has been given a fair opportunity to do the job that we hired him for, and would it be fair to you if you had the job, you Monday Morning Political Quarterbacks.

Steve Novak lives in Westlake.

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Volume 2, Issue 2, Posted 7:11 PM, 01.22.2010