Rewarding bad behavior

There is something truly wrong in this country when a disgraced former governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer, is awarded with a news show on CNN. Switch over to "Jersey Shore" where most of the Generation Duh on the show have the morals and behavior of animals. 

And lets not even talk about the Real House-?&%$# of whatever city they're from, airing their "ladylike" behavior for all to watch. I know it's all about ratings, but as a society does this mean that we should watch these shows because we have the technology to do so, or can we just say no?

I am not an overly-conservative person who is easily appalled by anything off-color or racy, in fact I am a very open-minded person. Have we gone a bit too far in what we pay people to present to us over the airways?

I'm sure many people would say "Just don't watch it" and "Why are you getting so upset about it?" I'll tell you why, because there is no filter over the previews aired at all times of the day for our children to see, that's why. 

Where do you think children are getting bad ideas, it's from what they see everyday on TV. Through the annuls of time we've seen the morality pendulum go from wild eras in mankind history along with times that would even make a lime get puckered. 

I'm here to tell you that when the morality pendulum comes swinging back, everybody better duck. So enough is enough in rewarding bad behavior.    

Steve Novak lives in Westlake.

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Volume 2, Issue 24, Posted 2:41 PM, 11.22.2010