A green world and sweet dreams

Composting your raw veggie scraps is a sustainable practice.

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. The ability to sustain is something that nature does amazingly well. Plants and animals adapt to their changing environment. The cactus holds water and the bear hibernates in winter. The goldfinch is the same brilliant yellow as the sunflowers it flies to for food.

We have an opportunity to practice what nature does so well—in our own backyard. We can conserve and recycle. Our grandmothers were experts. They hung their sheets out in the sun to dry and captured the sun’s energy. Composting veggie scraps, wood ashes, pet hair and leaves produced rich humus used for amending the soil in their victory gardens. They knew how to cultivate because they learned from their parents.

Today we can choose not to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in our yards. When we opt for organic products we know they will not harm our kids, pets and the beneficial insects—like butterflies! Getting our children involved in growing food is the latest family trend.

In Community Supported Agriculture programs (referred to as CSAs), shares in local farms are purchased in exchange for receiving locally-grown veggies. We then support our local farmers. When we practice sustainability and the greening of our world we are really just caring for our world better! We are taking an active role in preserving our community. Saving energy and sleeping on fresh, clean sun-dried sheets is a practice that will ensure sweet dreams.

Julia Shutt lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 2, Issue 13, Posted 4:29 PM, 06.25.2010