Snowmen, snowmen
Some are big.
Some are small.
But all snowmen have a smile on their face.
This is why they are so difficult to trace.
They have great vast arms that extend to the sky.
Sometimes I just wonder why?
Snowmen have a modest, orange carrot nose on their face.
Gaze at its nice, comfortable place.
So don’t eat it, no matter how much you are tempted to waste.
But most of all snowmen have a distinct personality.
Despite the great winter storms and the pure, white snow that eventually melts in them.
All snowmen live a blissful life.
For they appreciate their calm, vague winter life.
Snowmen, snowmen
Some are big.
Some are small.
So let us all be our true selves and emulate the snowmen’s way of thinking.
So we can be truly happy and always have a smile on our face and always keep winking!

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 2:07 PM, 12.27.2010