'Westlake Weighs Down' recognizes its biggest losers

1st place male David Bivin

The City Of Westlake recently concluded a 13-week weight loss challenge, coined “Westlake Weighs Down.” One hundred twenty residents and over 300 employees from eleven Westlake companies competed in the friendly competition. All of the winners were recognized at the first annual Health Forum. Mayor Dennis Clough was on hand to make the presentations. 

“Our goal was to establish an initiative to motivate you and create an atmosphere that promoted a balanced lifestyle change,” he said. “Daily exercise and intelligent nutrition decisions have lead you to a healthier, happier you. By the looks on your smiling faces, it appears we have succeeded.”

Many events took place over the 13-week time frame, including special presentations by Dr. Michael Roizen; a food drive that netted approximately 600 non-perishable items that were donated to the Westlake assistance program; free weekly exercise classes; monthly seminars on a wide range of subjects pertaining to health and wellness; two fitness evaluations to measure important body indexes; and weekly newsletters with exercise tips, recipes and fun facts about dieting. 

The eleven companies that participated were: Bay Corporation; Crocker Park; Griswold Special Care; J.P. Farley; St. John Medical Center; CC Salon and Spa; Cleveland Clinic Westlake Family Health Center; Energizer; Hyland Software; Orthapaedic Associates Inc.; and City of Westlake. Those companies combined to lose over 2,100 pounds. After 13 weeks, two companies lost 4.58% of their body weight: Hyland Software and Orthapaedic Associates Inc.

As part of the competition, the winning company had to donate their prize money to a Westlake charity/non-profit group. This year's beneficiary of $440 was The Gathering Place. Beth Darmstadter, their Director of Development said, “When you can combine philanthropy with fitness it is a win-win situation.”  

In the drive to be Westlake’s biggest loser, over 116 residents lost more than 400 pounds!

“Watching these folks from week one through week 13, we don’t have only six winners, we have 116,” said Anne Mitchell, Fitness Manager of the Westlake Recreation Center. The winners received gift cards valued at $25 or $50, while the top two received a paid membership to the Center for a year. In addition, Shelly Mongello, owner of CC Salon and Spa, rewarded each of the six winners with a spa package and makeover.   

The individual winners were: Joan Szabo, first-place female, lost 12.44% body weight; David Bivin, first-place male, lost 15.23%; Catherine Kane, second-place female, lost 12.05%; Michael Ericcson, second-place male, lost 7.26%; Liz Galvin,third-place female, lost 9.12%; Ron Charvat, third-place male, lost 6.87%.

Chris Haldi works for the City of Westlake Recreation Department. 

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Volume 2, Issue 11, Posted 12:27 PM, 05.28.2010