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Fall Festival Fun

November is here and so is plenty of programming. As the warm temperatures are few and far between, the programming has moved inside. Classes and programs range from family, exercise, adult, children’s and obviously fun. If you can’t find any programs that satisfy your needs listed below pick up the newest version of the Rec Gazette and see what other programs we offer.

The Westlake Recreation Center has several family-oriented programs for you to sign up for. This Saturday, Nov. 6, will be the Parent Night Out. Parents can drop their kids off and attend to whatever is desired and pick the kids up later in the evening. Also on Saturday afternoon is the Great Pumpkin Roll. Bring your leftover pumpkins from Halloween and roll them down the sledding hill in several competitions. Lastly we have the Parent/Child Yoga class that teams up adult and child to participate in a fun atmosphere starting Monday, Nov. 8.

Beside the family programs, we have a great deal of youth programs coming up. Starting Saturday, Nov. 6 we have the first day of the Youth Bowling League, D.E.N. Introduction, Water Park Lifeguard instruction class, Lego Junior Weekend Camp, Pony Lessons and Pony Lesson Jr.

Don’t worry, kids, we do have more. If you wanted to try yoga by yourself, beginning on Monday, Nov. 8, Yoga Kids kicks off for those ages 5-7. Now the kids might be at the age of starting to learn about sports and having fun playing them. What better way than to sign them up for the Tiny Tot classes that will teach them the basic fundamentals of several sports.

Here at the Recreation Center we offer several programs for those children and teens that have special needs. Starting this Saturday, Nov. 6, the Strikes and Spares bowling league begins. We also mark the start of FITastic Open D.E.N. on Wednesday, Nov. 10, which gives the kids time to use the equipment in the D.E.N.

I did mention we have programs for adults. If you are new to the Recreation Center or new to the fitness scene we offer a fitness equipment instruction class. This class covers how to use the Cybex machines in the fitness room along with exercising tips. Dancing might be of your interest so why not sign up for the Line Dancing class beginning on Monday, Nov. 8. If you like dancing and would like to get more of a workout check out Zumba or Zumba Toning. These classes will have you exercising in a way which is disguised as dancing and moving to the upbeat music.

Joining a Spinning class can be intimidating when it’s your first time and you're not sure what you're doing when the instructor calls out a stance. That can be fixed by joining the Rookie Rotations class. This is an introduction class to Spinning and will cover the basics. On Friday, Nov. 12, Mom and Munchkin begins and allows moms to get in a workout while the little ones are supervised.

More information regarding all of these programs and more can be found at our website at or by stopping by the Recreation Center at 28955 Hilliard Blvd., calling us at 440-808-5700 or by picking up our new Rec Gazette.

Chris Haldi works for the City of Westlake Recreation Department.

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