Enough with the mud slinging!

Can we just talk about the issues? Why is it that candidates for political office feel the need to resort to mud slinging, misinformation, half truths, character assassination and outright lies of an opponent instead of telling what they can do for me? 

Take the time to spell out what you want to do for me in your political TV ads instead of directing me to your website; you have my attention, inform me now of your plan. All the whining and complaining about an opponent just gets the MUTE BUTTON pushed.  

And as for the American Public, can we be a little smarter than the politicians that are trying to garner our vote? College degrees take four years, businesses can take several years to become profitable and political plans to improve our economy and our country don't magically happen overnight, much to the amazement of either political party that's not in control of Congress. 

It's truly the voting population's fault for allowing politicians to get away with dirty politics. A little less than 65% of the voting population cast a ballot in the 2008 presidential election. Why?

What kind of difference could that 35% of the voting public make in the next election? In a time when people don't even have to leave the confines of their own home to vote by mail-in ballot, what's an excuse for not voting?

Take the time to make a difference, get out and vote and show the politicians that dirty tactics are not the way to get your vote, but explaining their plans is. If all else fails we can go the way of the state of Nevada which has a "None Of The Above" box on state ballots – that will show them.

Steve Novak lives in Westlake.

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Volume 2, Issue 20, Posted 4:36 PM, 09.29.2010