One Senior's Opinion: Military personnel deserve gratitude for bravery

Seeing the huge tree sprawled on the ground just a few feet away from the Bay Village community garden where families were busy preparing the soil and planting, took my breath away. Had the tree come down at that moment someone surely would have been hurt. Luckily it had happened the night of the storm and no one was there.

The scene I witnessed made quite an impression on me. I wondered why some people are caught up in a raging storm, injured or killed while others are spared. Of course, there is no answer. We have no control over the forces of nature. We go about our daily routines with no thought about the possible tragedies which might  happen to us. We trust that we will be safe, and most often we are right.

One thing I know for certain: Not many people willingly put themselves in harm's way. An exception is the men and women of our armed forces who sign away years of their lives knowing there is a good possibility they will be living in harm's way. So many young Ohioans  and young people across our country have given us the ultimate gift: They have given their lives to secure our freedom.

Personally, I know I can never repay this gift that has been given to me. I can only express my humble gratitude to those they leave behind. To all who have lost a loved one, to all who are disabled as a result of serving our country, to all who have ever served and to those still serving...THANK YOU. It is your courage and dedication which helps keep our country and its citizens safe.

Personal thanks to my brother, Jerry, Vietnam veteran; nephews, Ben and Adam Borowski; and cousins Mike Gasparini, home from a tour of duty in Iraq and awaiting reassignment, and Lt. Commander Bill Hlavin, Navy chaplain currently stationed in Afghanistan with the Marine reserves. Your family is so proud of you.

Dianne Borowski lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 2, Issue 18, Posted 7:18 PM, 08.31.2010