Annual seeds and the 'wow' factor

"Alaska" nasturtium

If you’re looking for something to make your garden a knockout this summer tries growing a few flowers from seed. I know that many gardeners shy away from this task because they don’t want to fuss with early potting and care. It takes forever and most gardeners want it now. Well take it from an impatient gardener—these babies grow fast!  

These are some of my favorites and I sow them directly into my garden beds: "Alaska" nasturtiums, "Violet Queen" cleome and "Heavenly Blue" morning glories. (They’re from tropical climates and don’t germinate until soil temperatures warm in late spring.)

This planting trick will reward you with another layer of color in midsummer. When your neighbor’s garden is fading, all eyes will turn to the vibrant colorful beauties you grew yourself for just a few dollars!

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 9:56 AM, 02.22.2011