Another Horror Story

Good job, Colleen Harding, that was an important essay you wrote in the February 8 issue of the Observer. Now here's my story.

I burned my hand quite severely in the early morning and went to a hospital emergency room. I was treated very tenderly and efficiently by a lone nurse. No one else came into the room during her treatment. As she was finishing up, a head popped through the doorway, but not the rest of the body. The head asked if everything was okay, then quickly left. I didn't even have a chance to answer.

Just a head, no other body parts, and no other words, not even hello or good-bye.

I got an invoice from a doctor whose name I had never heard before. I guess he was the quick-moving head in the doorway. The invoice said it was for emergency treatment of a burn, and it was for a very substantial amount of money. The bill was not from the hospital – that came later – but from the doctor.

And we wonder why medical expenses go up and up and up!

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 9:52 AM, 02.22.2011