Cabin Fever

Cabin fever. Not so much fun, is it? If you are a senior citizen, this time of year may be more difficult for you than most people. Face it, children love snow and snow days.

I remember what fun it was building snowmen, snow forts, sledding, throwing snowballs and getting hit hard by an ice ball, wielded by certain of my friends who thought it fun to make girls cry. As teenagers, there were winter parties, winter formals, toboggan runs and learning to ski. As adults, snow became more of a nuisance but still had its perks: winter vacations to the Bahamas, getaway weekends to ski resorts, ice skating and taking the kids cross-country skiing.

Over sixty, it can be dangerous to venture out in the snow and ice. One bad fall can mean an operation and many months in rehab. So what's an old timer to do when the snow flies? Maybe it's time to write that letter, read that book, make those phone calls or just get out the old one-thousand piece jigsaw puzzle.

Invite younger friends and relatives over for dinner and an evening of cards. Have the grandchildren over to bake cookies and drink hot chocolate. Put some oldies but goodies on the CD player and sing along. Use your city's senior transportation when you must get out. It's a convenient, economical and safe way to get around when the weather's cold and snowy.

Most of all be thankful that you are able to look out your window at the cold wintry world and know that spring is around the corner.

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Volume 3, Issue 4, Posted 9:49 AM, 02.22.2011