Use rain barrels to conserve water

Courtney Dixon, Juliana Reising and Meredith Heldt of Westerly School in Bay show off their colorful rain barrel. [Photo by Jacki Dixon]

Soon there will be bright and colorful signs advertising rain barrels around Bay Village. My classmates and I made them because my teacher, Mrs. Fisher, and everyone in my class (including me) is trying to help people in Bay learn about conserving water with rain barrels. 

Our Mission Statement is: To educate Bay citizens about conserving water by using rain barrels. We plan to sell rain barrels to businesses and citizens. So far we have around 12 rain barrels. We have painted them blues and greens and are going to put different designs to match your garden on them. 

The rain barrels and/or posters will be displayed at Huntington Bank, Heinen's, Georgio's, Dairy Queen, True Value Hardware, City Hall, Key Bank, PNC Bank, BAYarts, Bay Library, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, and Java Bay. The students in my class wrote letters to those businesses requesting them to let us display posters and rain barrels. 

They sent us an email at our email address: Then, we went to their business to have them sign a contract. Most of them did and then it was a done deal. After we met with them and let them sign the contract, we wrote a thank you letter to them, thanking them for spending time with us.

The businesses that signed the contract will display the rain barrels beginning sometime around April 15 and going through May 30. If you want to buy one, please e-mail us. Again, remember, that they will be painted to match your garden. It will also help you conserve water and be more Earth-friendly. 

I hope you realize what it means to conserve water and help the Earth. Watch for more news and information about our rain barrel project.

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 9:59 AM, 03.22.2011