Use rain barrels to conserve water

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  • Courtney Dixon, Juliana Reising and Meredith Heldt of Westerly School in Bay show off their colorful rain barrel. [Photo by Jacki Dixon]

  • Ava Ransom paints a butterfly on a rain barrel as part of the water conservation program in Mrs. Fisher's third-grade class at Westerly. [Photo by Jacki Dixon]

  • Audrey Ray of Westerly School in Bay displays a rain barrel she helped paint. The students in Mrs. Fisher’s third-grade class are painting the barrels as part of their rain barrel runoff project. The students volunteer an hour and a half of their time every Wednesday after school. No grades will be given for this project; their only reward is the satisfaction of educating citizens about the importance of conserving water. The rain barrels will be displayed at local businesses. All proceeds from the sales will benefit the Bay Village Education Foundation. [Photo by Jacki Dixon]

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