Wonderful Westlake

Westlake. Wonderful Westlake.
Beautiful Daughter of Dover,
Beacon of the Western Reserve.

Born of brave men and women,
Forests, streams and fertile soil,
Amid sloped ridges of resources.

Blessed by its Pioneers’ Dreams:
Porters, Johnsons, Coes, Sperrys,
Crockers, Clagues, many more.

Tree’d streets honor their names,
Flowered, wide boulevards their
Early well worn paths and trails.

Farming, logging, milling, mining,
Cabins, churches, schools, stores,
Taverns, Posts, forges and books.

Green vines, grapes, frontier wine,
Bog ore blasted into native iron.
Decades of progress from 1811.

Personal sacrifices freely made,
Saving this nation and others;
Heroes rest within its quiet earth.

Its blended people of the world,
Generations of generous growth;
A place of faith, family, friends.

Commerce, homes and service,
Culture, recreation and parks,
Pay homage to founders’ visions.

All American in every good way,
A City Blooming with great Pride.
Westlake. Wonderful Westlake.

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Volume 3, Issue 6, Posted 10:08 AM, 03.22.2011