Recycled jewels as gifts

The original rings are ready for giving!

Have you ever been searching through a dresser drawer and noticed some old jewelry that you’ll never wear again? This was the case with my husband and I and we decided to recycle and reuse these pieces. We gathered our gold pieces and a few gems that were from my grandmother’s wedding ring and came up with the idea of transforming the items into three rings for my husband's daughters. The idea for connecting these three young ladies through sisters' rings became our mission.

We presented the idea to Leonard J. Strnad II, owner of Vivid Jewelers in Bay Village. Lenny had designed and built our wedding rings – not for us, but with us – so we trusted that he was up to this new project.

He utilized our sketches and produced the rings we had imagined. We loved working with this fellow artist and knew Lenny’s talent, style and personality were the key to working out our new vision. This unique collaboration involved hours spent on the concept and design. Lenny worked closely with us, listening to ideas presented by the sisters and offered brilliant suggestions.

Vivid presented us with visual updates. CGI, or computer generated imaging, of the virtual rings gave us a clear picture of the pieces. This made it easy to email our family the latest design updates, too. Three gorgeous original rings were presented as our gifts this Christmas. Giving a recycled heirloom is grand!

There is a surprise ending to this giving of recycled gold and diamonds tale. I stopped into Vivid to attend their traditional holiday open house. I casually filled out a card for a random gift drawing along with many other party guests that evening. I kind of imagined what it would be like to pick out a few glittery new jewels for myself – but  there were so many hopeful guests dropping little cards in that box. 

The next morning the phone rang and it was Lenny. AHHH! I’d won a shopping spree gift! Could this be the law of circulation and flow working for me? The idea is that if you clear away something old, you create a space for something new. I think this is true!

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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 12:43 PM, 01.04.2011