Compeer looking for stories of friendship

Compeer is a program based on friendship and all the advantages that friendship provides to everyone’s well being. In good times our friends celebrate, smile and laugh with us. Whether you’re at a rock concert, enjoying the Blue Water Chamber Orchestra, or watching your daughter speed in for that homerun, a friend or two are right beside you. When you have good news to share, you call or email your friends.

Friends also help us through the tough times. Friends will walk the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for breast cancer research for you and with you. If your car breaks down, a friend comes to pick you up. For a crisis big or small, a friend can help you.  Your friend can be your personal “cheerleader” or offer a warm, quiet place to ease your nerves.

In Compeer, we work on developing those important friendship connections. We are requesting “friendship stories” you would like to share with us! We would like to put together a collection of friendship stories for our cities. These collections will be shared and enjoyed at the 3rd Annual Compeer Night at Westlake Porter Public Library on May 9 at 6:00 p.m. Anyone interested may attend; please call 440-835-6212, ext. 242.

I truly value my friendships, as I’m sure you all do. I email to a childhood friend who moved from Westlake to Texas years ago. He enjoys hearing about the great changes happening in Westlake. As we travel along life’s journey we collect precious memories and stories of friendship. At parties you often hear people sharing their stories. At times, those stories are your stories, starting with “Hey, do you remember when you and I …?”  The connections of friendship play an important part in all our lives.

In some of my Observer articles, I share the Compeer friendship stories and hope they bring a smile to your face. Compeer has met numerous friendly people in Westlake and Bay Village.

It is our hope that you have a story to share with us. If so, please mail them to: Far West Center, 29133 Health Campus Drive, Westlake. You can also email them to:

Who do you guess will share the most stories, Westlake or Bay Village? Both cities celebrate 200 years of making connections. Will it be women or men that send in more stories? Women are connection experts and men value their buddies. It will be interesting to find out! Please connect with Compeer and join in.

Denise Ayres

Denise Ayres is the Compeer Program Coordinator.

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Volume 3, Issue 7, Posted 3:13 PM, 04.05.2011