Rain Barrels in Bay Village

One of the many rain barrels seen around town.

Are you on the lookout for the Rain Barrel Run-Off posters and rain barrels? You should be! My third-grade class delivered them the week of April 18. The rain barrels were delivered to locations such as: True Value, City Hall, Key Bank, Dairy Queen, Bay Arts, PNC Bank, Huntington Bank, Bay Library, Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, Bay Board of Education and Java Bay.

We put posters in many other local businesses, too. Everyone in my class thanks all the businesses helping us with this project. We have written them letters and visited them, also.

All the barrels were carefully painted with garden and aquarium details. There are animals, plants and flowers on the barrels. I really think people are going to like them because they are beautiful and earth-friendly. Something you might want to know about our Rain Barrel Run-Off project is our mission statement: To educate Bay citizens about conserving water by using rain barrels.

We have a few extra rain barrels so if you would like to buy one, please email us at rainbarrelrunoff@hotmail.com or call Westerly School at 617-7550 and ask for Mrs. Fisher’s class.

The rain barrels come with a spigot and a down spout overflow kit. They are $100 each. Any profit from the sales of the rain barrels will be donated to the Bay Education Foundation who initially funded this project. Thank you.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 6:15 PM, 04.19.2011