Bay trash program to increase recycling, decrease long-term costs

An Allied Waste Services automated collection truck lifts a trash cart in Bay Village on April 26.

The new program for removal of recycling and trash in Bay Village is expected to increase recycling by 30-50% or more by increasing the items to be recycled curbside and providing rewards to residents for recycling. And, the more that we recycle, the longer the current Oberlin Landfill will last, thereby delaying significant waste management cost increases. 

In April, each resident received two large containers from Allied Waste – one blue container for trash and one green container for recycling. Here is how it works:

Continue to recycle curbside: Newspaper, plastics labeled No. 1 and No. 2, glass bottles and jars and aluminum and steel cans. Containers should be rinsed, caps and neck rings removed from the bottles.

Added to curbside recycling: Mixed paper (magazines, catalogs, school papers, mail, construction paper, typing paper, pamphlets, shredded paper) and cardboard (corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, tissue boxes, paper towel rolls).

Compostable Yard Waste Pick-up: Yard waste will now be taken to a compost facility in Avon Lake. Make sure to place your yard waste (grass clippings, plant trimmings and other yard waste) in a brown paper compostable bag or in a separate waste container clearly marked “Yard Waste.”

Bulk Pick-up: Bulk pick-up of large items will be on the regular pick-up day on the first full week of the month. Instead of placing an item for curbside pick-up which goes to the landfill, residents are strongly encouraged to donate usable items to those in need. There are many charities in the area that will take clothing, furniture, household items, tools, used cabinets and doors, etc. For a comprehensive list, go to and click on the “Reuse” link located under “Waste Management.”

For additional information on recycling and trash removal, visit and click on “Automated Trash and Recycling Rules” on the right side of the Home Page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do with my old trash cans?

Allied Waste will pick up any cans placed at the curbside marked “Take Me.” However, the best way to dispose of your old trash cans is to donate, repurpose, or recycle them. Habitat for Humanity will take any trash cans that are clean and in useable condition – you can drop off your trash cans at the Bay Village Police Department parking lot on Saturday, May 21, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you have blue containers in good condition, they can be donated to the schools to be used as recycle bins – please contact Nancy Richey at 440-617-7300 or Your used containers can be used for curbside pick-up of compostable yard waste – just clearly label the containers  “Yard Waste” before placing them on your tree lawn. You can also use your containers for outdoor composting. If your containers are not in useable condition, they can be taken to a local recycler of plastic or metal.

When will the recycling and trash pick-up day change?

Residents will receive a letter from Allied Waste notifying them when the recycling and trash pick-up day will change from Tuesday to Friday. At that time, the fully automated trash pick-up program will be in effect.

What is the correct way to position my green recycle and blue trash bin curbside?

Your green recycling and blue trash bins should be placed by the curb, no more than three feet from the street. There should be at least three feet between each bin. The bins must be facing the street (so that they open from the street side), with the wheels facing the house. This placement is important to allow the mechanical arm on the truck to lift the bin and empty the contents into the truck. There will be two trucks – one for trash and one for the recyclable materials.

Do I have to crush the aluminum cans and bottles when I put them into my recycle container?

No, there is no need to crush the cans and bottles. If you want to make more room in your recycle container, it is acceptable to crush the cans and bottles.

I need more than one trash bin – what should I do?

First, make sure that you understand what can be placed in the recycle bins. The use of the recycling bins will divert a lot of trash. Try using the single 95-gallon trash bin for 60-90 days. If you are still are unable to get by with one container, a second container can be arranged.

Should I use a plastic bag to separate my bottles and cans from my paper in the recycle cart?

There is no need to separate your recyclables. You can use a plastic bag if you would like to, but be aware that the bag goes to the landfill.

The new carts do not fit into my garage. Am I allowed to leave them outside?

Yes, you can leave your carts outside. A protected area in the back yard is best. Per city ordinance, they should not be visible from the street.

How can I recycle my No. 3-7 plastics?

The city of Cleveland recycle bins do take No. 3-7 plastic. These drop-off recycling locations can be found by going to and clicking on the “Drop-Off Recycling” link.


Did you know: Our trash is hauled to the Oberlin Landfill which is projected to be totally filled in less than 18 years.  At that time, our disposal costs will increase because a new landfill will have to be constructed, most likely further away from our region. Not only is constructing a landfill expensive, but its new location will likely result in increased hauling costs. That is why recycling is becoming increasingly important for both financial and environmental reasons.

Did you know: Each aluminum can recycled saves 95% in energy compared to creating a new aluminum can from its virgin source, bauxite. Paper recycled saves 60%. The amount of energy saved differs by material, but almost all recycling processes achieve significant energy savings compared to production using virgin materials.


Brenda OReilly

Brenda O'Reilly is Co-Chair of the Bay Village Green Team.

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