In memory of a friend

Jane was a customer of mine. With the progression of time she became a dear friend.

Letters sped back and forth between our mailboxes – three or four monthly! The written lines telling of her knitting, card ladies, menus planned, deer, birds, and raccoons seen in her yard. A cat alone in the world needed TLC.

Children, hubby, grandchildren and friends dotted the pages she sent to me.

The new knitting book held joy in her hands as she planned ahead the things she would create. The bare spots in her yard that would need bulbs so bursts of color could fill in the spots next year.

Alas, was not to be. Jane left us unexpectedly and we wept.

My mailbox will seem empty, my heart full of sadness. The tears have dried on my face for I realize how her sunny personality has shown on my life all these years.

I am thankful she was my friend.

Betty Carson

Betty Carson lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 3, Issue 8, Posted 4:51 PM, 05.03.2011