Westlake store replicates Polish shopping experience

My husband, Rick Holton, and myself, both longtime residents of Westlake, are excited to announce the opening of our new Polish pottery shop in Williamsburg Square. For over ten years, we have been one of the leading distributors of this hand-painted stoneware from the small town of Boleslawiec, Poland. 

What began with ten pieces on our dining room table has amassed into an inventory surpassing 30,000 pieces. This has been a home-based business for the past ten years of distributing Polish Pottery to more than 225 kitchen/gourmet shops throughout the United States. 

As our business has grown, we decided to take the next step and open a retail location in Westlake. But this will not be your typical shop, this shop will replicate the factory shops in Poland. I wanted to bring my love of shopping for pottery in Poland to Westlake. So when you enter the Ceramika Polish Pottery Shop in Westlake it will be like shopping in Poland. A video presentation will show you how this beautiful stoneware is created from the ground where the clay is dug to your table.

All stoneware pieces are safe for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher and are impervious to abrasives. This extremely durable stoneware will not crack or chip easily, will cook evenly, hold heat and cold for longer periods of time and clean up easily… Elegant yet practical!

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Volume 3, Issue 12, Posted 2:19 PM, 06.14.2011