Important information on Bay's new recycle and trash pick-up program

Each FRIDAY, the following items are picked up by 3 separate trucks:

  1. Green recycle container – for your recyclable materials (bottles, cans, plastics No. 1 and 2, paper, magazines, newspaper and cardboard).
  2. Blue trash container – all items than cannot be recycled, donated or composted (yard waste)
  3. Compostable yard waste (collected April 15-December 15) must be in brown compostable bags or in a trash container clearly marked “Yard Waste.” Approved "Yard Waste Only" stickers are available from the Bay Village Green Team for $1.50 and can be purchased at the Mayor’s Office in City Hall.

NOTE: The recycle and trash pick-up date is moved to SATURDAY when there is a holiday during the week. (For example, the pick-up for the week of July 3 will be moved to Saturday, July 9, due to the Fourth of July holiday.)

Also, MONTHLY, there is a special BULK TRASH PICK-UP:

The Bulk Trash Pick-Up each month allows you to put out additional trash such as used carpet or extra garbage bags that don’t fit into your trash container.

 Bulk pickup occurs on trash days ONLY during the first FULL week of the month. Bulk pickup is only one day per month. In 2011, the bulk items will be picked up on the Fridays or Saturdays listed below:

  •   July 9, August 5, September 10, October 7, November 11 and December 9

Do’s and Don’ts for the new Recycle & Trash Program

DO register at You will receive rewards from area merchants based on the level of recycling in the community. The more you recycle, the more you get!

DO place your green recycle and blue trash bin by the curb, no more than three feet from the street. Also, there must be at least three feet between each bin. The bins must be facing the street (so that they open from the street side), with the wheels facing the house. This placement is important to allow the mechanical arm on the truck to lift the bin and empty the contents into the truck.

DO NOT place compostable yard waste in the green recycle or blue trash container. Compostable yard waste should be kept separate as noted above. It will be picked up weekly and taken to Kurtz Brothers in Avon to be composted into valuable soil amendment.

DO NOT place non-compostable items such as plastic, glass or metal in the compost. This can ruin a batch of compost. Only yard waste should be placed in your trash container marked “Yard Waste” or brown compostable bag.

DO NOT place additional items out for collection, except on the Monthly Bulk Trash Pick-Up dates listed below.

All items in usable condition should be donated

This helps those in need and keeps valuable resources out of our local landfill. Here are some local charities that accept used furniture and household items. Many donations are tax deductible.

  • Donate your used materials and household items to Habitat for Humanity. For your convenience, there will be a Habitat for Humanity Drop-off at the Bay Village Police Department parking lot Saturday, Sept. 17, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. To arrange for pick up of large items, call Jerry Jarc at 440-823-4579.
  • Items accepted: trash containers, furniture, windows, doors, cabinets, light fixtures, sinks, tubs, showers, plumbing/electrical/HVAC, tools (hand, power, yard), lumber, tile, wallpaper (full rolls), appliances and MORE. Items must be in good, usable condition.  
  • Items NOT accepted: mattresses, paint, clothing
  • Items can also be dropped off Tuesday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. or Saturday between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity ReStore located at 2110 W. 110th St., Cleveland.  Pick-up of donated items is available upon request; please call 216-429-3631.
  • Donate gently-used furniture to the Cleveland Furniture Bank. They will pick up items at no cost to the donor. Two-thirds of all the furniture collected is given to those in need. The other third is sold to help underwrite the cost of running the Cleveland Furniture Bank. Call 216-459-2265 or visit for more details.

Visit for more details on the new recycling and trash pickup program, as well as additional ways to recycle beyond the curb and reduce waste at home.

Brenda OReilly

Brenda O'Reilly is Co-Chair of the Bay Village Green Team.

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