Modern-day treasure hunting with geocaches

Have you ever seen a family searching through the woods or park for something? The family may have been looking for a Geocache!  

Going geocaching is a great way to go on an exciting treasure hunt with the family! A geocache is a container filled with prizes. To find one, you will need some directions with a GPS device that may be obtained on a smart phone application.

These directions will tell you where to look and how many feet you are from the treasure if you are heading in the right direction. Once you find the geocache, you can take as many prizes as you want from the cache, but you must put in the same number of prizes that were taken out. You do this because more kids will want to find the same cache. The treasures are small, such as silly bands, rings and gogo's. Inside the cache, along with the "treasures," will be a paper log to sign your name and date.

Going geocaching will take you to many beautiful places. Some of my favorite spots have been in Walker Road Park, Clague Park and by the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center. It's also world-wide, so if you go on vacation, you can go geocaching there, too! Many caches will be hidden in the woods, so bring hiking boots and bug spray!  

Geocaches come in all different sizes and shapes, such as CD cases, peanut butter jars, and more! You will have to look closely, as they may be hidden anywhere – in a hole, in a tree or even under a rock!  

You may wonder who hides the geocaches. Well, anyone can! So if you are looking for an inexpensive, family fun treasure hunt outdoors, you may want to start geocaching! For more information, go to

Adriana Chesterfield

Adriana Chesterfield is a sixth-grader at Bay Middle School.

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Volume 3, Issue 13, Posted 6:46 PM, 06.28.2011