The future of the Bay Village kennel

Due to budget cuts, the Bay Village Animal Control Officer (ACO) will be eliminated July 15, 2011. Effective immediately, the kennel that served to protect and retain stray, abandoned and special situation animals is closed. The Bay Village police will not be picking up any animals, either.
This shocking and stunning announcement came a few days after the Friends of the Bay Village Kennel were asked to meet with Mayor Debbie Sutherland and Public Service Director Dan Galli on June 6, to discuss the building of a new kennel in Bay Village. It was discussed that the project would take approximately one year, during which time the kennel would remain open, and that outsourcing animal care and control was not being considered.

A copy of the audio from this meeting is available and may be requested via the contact form at

An engineer and architect, both Bay residents, have offered their professional services pro bono for this project. Funds for the new structure will come from private donations raised by the Friends of the Bay Village Kennel and perhaps the $7,000 in donations made directly to the city that are reflected in the animal control budget.
Discussions and details from the June 6 meeting are not consistent with what the Bay Village administration is now stating to the media.
Annual reports obtained from Bay Village Police indicate that from 1999-2010, approximately 22,700 animal-related calls were handled by the BVPD and Animal Control. These calls included various animal-related complaints, follow-up on animal bites, educating residents on responsible pet ownership and dealing with wildlife that inhabit our area.
The animal control position is currently a full-time job.
We are asking you to please contact Mayor Debbie Sutherland at or 440-899-3416 to please not eliminate the position of Animal Control Officer. If emailing, we suggest that you copy the following and

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Volume 3, Issue 13, Posted 6:50 PM, 06.28.2011