Hobo dog needs permanent home

My name is Hobo, I am the little tan and white beagle/King Charles mix that so many Bay Village residents looked for and tried to catch. Do I look familiar?
I am also the little guy with the healthy set of lungs you would hear in the wee hours of the morning. You see, my pre-genetic disposed instincts would kick in whenever I could corner and terrorize a rabbit.
I must admit the last month, I had great fun running around the middle of the city and being chased by youngsters on bikes, but I managed to keep moving and finding great hiding spots and I am grateful to be telling you my story.
Not sure how or why I ended up in Bay, but I like it here and sadly I am still homeless.
A dog lady took a strong interest in me she says because the situation for animals is drastically changing in Bay she wanted me to be safe and find a forever home.
One evening on my way to my typical dinner date, I encountered this monster of a doggie condo, covered with sheets and  loaded with the best of human food selections. I took the bait and BAM...the condo door, aka dog trap, got me. My life was about to take another positive step in the right direction.
The police were called that I was caught, along with the neighbor in case I acted up, and before I knew it I was in a garage with the fan blowing on me and ladies talking about how cute and young I am.
The night in the trap in the garage went quick and the accommodations were pretty comfortable vs. sleeping on the road.  The next day brought a photo op, woman gushing over me and doggie accessories a hobo would dream of.
I would love meet you and make your home my forever home!
I am now neutered, heartworm negative, crate trained and current on vaccines. I am lovable and will always have the tendency to run...and really would like a real name, too.
For more information, contact Connie Fields at the Love A Stray dog division 216-314-0321 or visit the website via www.petfinder.com.

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Volume 3, Issue 14, Posted 7:23 PM, 07.13.2011