Poems and meditations blend in a divine inspiration

A delightful little volume of poems and meditations, "Mystical Musings" is the collaborative effort of two talented ladies, Mona Ryser and Deborah Core.

Mona, a painter and writer for many years, explains how their book came to be during a Sunday morning service at Unity Spiritual Center.

“I had quite an experience during prayer time," Mona recalled. "I was praying vehemently for a dear cousin who had been sent home from the hospital, essentially with no hope for his heart condition. All of a sudden, I heard the ‘thump-thump, thump-thump’ of a heartbeat sound. It went on for a bit, and I felt elated! Leaving the sanctuary that Sunday morning, I felt absolutely euphoric – truly like walking on air.”

As Mona tells it, she went back to the old gathering place where she saw Deborah sitting alone at a table. She joined her there and immediately asked if she would be interested in putting a book together – with Deborah's meditations and Mona's poems.

And thus, "Mystical Musings" became a reality – a most serendipitous creation, a little product of divine inspiration.

Deborah Core has been leading meditations as part of the Unity service for some time now. When Mona felt God’s urging that Sunday morning, it was only natural that she be drawn to Deborah.

Deborah’s meditations have the power to take you away from your present space – to quiet lakes, to flowering meadows, to a sacred path leading to a temple bathed in light, to a mystical hallway of rainbow-colored doors, to a white marbled staircase, to a silver door.

She writes and delivers her own meditations. Hearing her speak these words is even better than reading them on the page. Her soft, gentle voice leads you, in fact, to these very places. The rich tones of pillowed mellowness comfort you along the way. You truly sense that hers is the voice of God.

Asked how she creates her meditations, Deborah said, “Sometimes they come instantaneously, at home, at work. Other times I sit in a favorite spot near the window and enter a meditative space... and am open to receive it.”

Their little volume of 34 pages alternates Deborah’s meditations and Mona’s poems. One senses something almost divine speaking through each and every page. In Mona’s words: “The blessings unfold / Like warm sunshine / Spreading across the / Meadow / And gilding the treetops / With shining crowns./ How blessed we are / To be surrounded / By such beauty!”

And how blessed we are that these two women have put their Mystical Musings on paper for us to enjoy.  This little gem of a book is now on sale at the bookstore in Unity Hall, 23855 Detroit Rd., Westlake.

Kenneth Cooper

Kenneth Cooper lives in Westlake.

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Volume 3, Issue 14, Posted 3:25 PM, 07.26.2011