Bay Village Animal Control FAQ's

Bay Village has implemented a new way of dealing with issues of animal control. Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. Is the kennel open and will it remain open? Yes, the kennel is open and will remain open, but for dogs only after July 15, 2011.
  2. Are we building a new kennel? Due to an EPA-mandated truck-washing station to prevent road salt, etc. from getting into our creeks, we will need to eventually move the kennel from its present location at the Service Garage and are considering a move to the Police Station. No decisions have been made nor is there a deadline for any such decision or move.
  3. Why is the Animal Control Officer position being eliminated? City Council wanted additional budget cuts due to reduced revenues, state reductions to local government funding, and the impending elimination of the estate tax. Together, Council and the Administration decided that having our own ACO position was a luxury we could no longer afford. We will continue to refer residents to private trapping companies for animal issues not covered by the County.
  4. If my dog escapes, what do I do? First, call the Police Department at 871-1234 and describe your pet. Your dog may be in our kennel or being held by another resident and the Police Department will be happy to facilitate your reunion. If your dog has been missing for 24 hours, the Bay Village Police Department will refer you to the County Animal Shelter as the County Dog Warden picks up strays from our kennel every day, Monday through Friday, as needed. The County will scan for microchips, kennel dogs for 72 hours (three days) and, if not claimed, will put the animal up for adoption.
  5. How many stray animals have been sent to the Cuyahoga County Kennel? Between July 13, 2011 and August 3, 2011, three dogs have been sent to the County Kennel. No cats have been picked up or sent to shelters.
  6. What do I do if my cat escapes or I find a stray kitten? Please call the Bay Village Police Department at 871-1234.
  7. I have a problem with skunks, 'possums, and raccoons. What do I do? We currently advise residents to either call a professional critter removal company OR borrow a trap from the Service Department. Should you catch a critter, please contact a private trapping company for removal and disposal.
  8. What do we do if we have a barking dog complaint? Call the Police Department as usual at 871-1234 and they will respond.
  9. What do we do if a dog is at large running in and out of traffic? Call the BVPD as usual at 871-1234 and they will respond.
  10. What do we do if we think there is a vicious dog in the neighborhood? Call the BVPD as usual at 871-1234 and they will respond. The Chief of Police has ultimate authority to determine whether or not a dog should be deemed "vicious." This is based on behavior not breed.
  11. I was bitten by a dog. What do I do? Health care providers are required by state law to report animal bites to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. If you did not seek medical treatment, call the Cuyahoga County Board of Health at 216-201-2001, ext. 1236. The CCBH will follow up with the victim, notify the pet owner, and monitor in-home quarantine of the offending pet.
  12. There is a dead skunk in the middle of the road. What do I do? Call the Service Department at 871-1221 and our staff will pick it up during regular working hours as they do now.
  13. I have a baby bunny in my garden and I am afraid it has been abandoned. What do I do? In most cases, the mother is around and will return if humans leave the area. If the animal is injured, please contact the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center at 871-2900 for guidance.
  14. How much are we saving by this move? We are saving approximately $40,000 annually, $400,000 over a 10-year period, and taking advantage of free county services.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland

Mayor Deborah Sutherland has served as Mayor of the City of Bay Village since October 2000 and is the longest serving mayor in the City’s history.

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