Networking a process of Self - transformation

Networking is the process of doing, while self-transformation is the process of being. In other words, networking focuses on execution and external factors whereas self-transformation focuses on intrinsic motivation and internal factors play an active role in the process. The being focuses on pure, positive, powerful as well as peace of mind including love, bliss, knowledge and truth. Only when the being feels good we are able to network with satisfying outcome.

Networking is about connecting with others, developing relationships and establishing long term contacts. It is not just a mere exchange of business cards and attending networking events periodically. Self-transformation is transmitting positive energy as well as positive vibrations to our being. This process enables us to transform our being.

Networking creates new opportunities for growth and professional development, while self-transformation generates tranquility as well as stability. In networking we are dependent on others and exogenous factors. But in self-transformation we work on changing self first and not others. We are independent of self; believe in endogenous factors such as intuition, our inner tutor. 

In networking our objective is accomplishing the right results, doing all that is essential to be ahead of the game. But self-transformation is working on the being, improving the performance and communicating positive affirmations to self in order to make ourselves internally strong.

In other words now it is lucid how self-transformation can accelerate the process of networking. When our objective is only networking and not self-transformation the chances of frustration, disappointment, resentment and anger will be more. So our vision is to work on networking and self-transformation simultaneously and bring the desired change. Sometimes when circumstances are not favorable we react, but in self-transformation we will respond to unfavorable situation.

Both networking and ontology (the metaphysical nature of being) are interdependent and when we use them together we will get optimum results with higher output and dividend. Networking focuses on to how to survive under pressure and manage to get a job. Whereas self-transformation works on how to be more balanced, resilient and thrive in a given situation. This means ontology works on inner inspiration while networking is just based on professional interaction and rebuilding change. Let us go back and see how networking can bring a new dimension and create a new purpose that will transform our being!

Nidhi Shah

Nidhi Shah is a management consultant in Westlake.

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Volume 3, Issue 17, Posted 2:57 PM, 08.23.2011